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What to Get Boyfriend for One Year Anniversary – (20 Ideas)

What to get boyfriend for one year anniversary? There is no answer to this question, although you have been dating for 12 months and had to study the chosen one inside and out. But ardent feelings are always a hindrance to cold observations. Don’t worry, and our tips will help you prepare a gift that will tell your loved one more than words can express.

What to Get Boyfriend for One Year Anniversary?

The first year of a relationship is considered both the easiest and the most difficult. When, after the first months, the romantic veil leaves, the rubbing against each other begins. Love will either get stronger, or the girl and the guy will part, “like ships in the sea.” Knowing by personal example how difficult the first “common” 365 days are sometimes, most couples treat the anniversary of “number 1” with trepidation. And what holiday is complete without presents?

What to Get Boyfriend for One Year Anniversary

 But preparing a gift for a year of relationship for many is not an easy task. I really want to please and surprise my soul mate, to express the depth of feelings with a present, but ideas do not come to mind for some reason. We have collected valuable tips to help you choose ready-made gift options to make it easier for you. Get inspired!

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How to Choose the Right Anniversary Gift?

Here are a few important things to keep in mind when choosing the perfect anniversary gift for your boyfriend:

  • Start with your boyfriend’s needs: Remember his hobbies, habits, interests. What does he devote his free time to sports, cars, games, IT technologies? A gift that meets the needs of a young man will cause genuine joy. 
  • The cost of the presentation is not the main thing: You don’t need to spend a lot of money to show how much you appreciate your lover. Only gigolos expect expensive presents from women. Price tags do not lead a normal guy – the attention of the second half is important to him.
  • Better less is better: Give your boyfriend one well-thought-out gift without showering him with a lot of “just in case” gifts. Imagine a Christmas tree with a large amount of tinsel covering a unique decoration. So the mass of small gifts will devalue the most worthy present.
  • Strive for a balance between useful and beautiful: Shirts, ties, socks, sports bags are traditional men’s gifts. But the expectations of most guys are more related to romantic gifts. Think about it if you find yourself in a gift dilemma: travel ammunition or a joint trip to the mountains.
  • Be careful with spicy surprises: Not every guy will be inspired by the offer to walk barefoot in the autumn park. It is advisable to save such funny ideas for parties where you need to enliven the conversation or entertain guests. 
  • Quality is the king of choice: An impressive price does not always indicate the usefulness of the gift. Pay attention to the labels search the Internet for expert information about the products you are interested in. Try to get the highest quality gift within the allotted budget.
  • Think outside the box: A gift doesn’t have to be tangible, wrapped in wrapping, or placed in a box. The most memorable present is a new experience, whether it’s a piloting course, a race car rental, an art workshop, or a rock concert. If the guy is in the army, just visit him.
  • Give a piece of your soul as a gift: A handmade gift is more eloquent than love tirades. Not everyone can draw, sing, write poetry, but most girls are able to cook something delicious. An exciting culinary journey is a gift that will impress most of the stronger sex.

A gift for a guy for a year of a relationship is a physical expression of love for him. Take the time and effort to prepare for your first anniversary. It is not easy to guess the desires of a lover and present him with the perfect gift. But know: hit the bull’s-eye – you will be rewarded a hundredfold.

What to give for a year of relationship: general tips and tricks

The ability to give presents to loved ones is a whole science. For some, it doesn’t seem easy. But if you know the secrets, then choosing a gift will be a pleasant chore. How to choose a present for the second half of the first anniversary? Be guided by simple advice and heart, of course:

  • Consider the interests of your soul mate: When thinking about what to give for the anniversary of a relationship, you need to consider what a loved one is fond of what he loves. If the other half has a hobby, present something from this “opera” – you won’t lose. New boots for an amateur football player, an interesting embroidery kit for an avid hand-made girl – these things will not only please you with their usefulness but also show your dear person that you support all his undertakings. Being interested in the hobbies of loved ones is an important component of a strong relationship. It is better to remember this axiom in the first joint year.
  • Fulfill your dreams: Remember, maybe in a conversation, your soul mate mentioned her dream. Then become a magician for your loved one! There is nothing more valuable than fulfilling each other’s cherished desires.
  • Be original: At the festival, there is no place for ordinary things. Look for an original present, and your soul mate will remember it for a long time. There are a lot of fresh ideas: from unusual jewelry to extreme pastimes. The main thing is not to lose common sense and not cross the line between originality and eccentricity in pursuit of non-banal solutions.
  • Umbrella: Leaving the house in bad weather can ruin everyone’s mood. But with an umbrella donated by a loved one, walking through the puddles is somehow more fun. The accessory will remind you of your care. It is better to choose classic dark umbrellas – “for everything.” A prerequisite is a high quality.
  • Scarf: The accessory will warm your chosen one remind you of you. When choosing a scarf, be guided by the style of your loved one: a fussy accessory will look strange on the neck of a man in a business suit. Remember that the scarf is not just warm but also part of the image.
  • Gloves: The accessory will warm the hands of a loved one. Each time, take out gloves; the guy will remember you with warmth.
  • Keep the intrigue: Everyone loves the unexpected. Most of those who say they can’t stand surprises secretly dream about them. The ability to surprise is very important in a relationship, so let the gift be a surprise for your soul mate. If you have planned a joint trip for a memorable date, then you should slightly open the veil of secrecy. Otherwise, it may turn out to be an “overlay”: it’s not a fact that your half is not planning a similar trip. However, you should not open all the cards: just hint about special plans for the evening.
  • Don’t forget romance: Anniversary is a celebration of romance and love. It was created so that lovers could once again say the main words to each other. When looking for a gift, do not forget about the romantic bias of the holiday.

Best 1 Year Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend

The gift must contain the soul of the giver. When it is felt that the gift was not picked up for the show, there is more joy at times. Even if it’s just some little thing.

1. Bracelet 

This is the perfect gift for a guy whose life is one of continuous movement. The red thread will help you cope with the challenges of fate, and the silver medallion in the form of a contour bike will help you set new records and defeat yourself. When presenting an amulet bracelet, hint to the guy that you dream of a joint trip that promises a lot of the brightest emotions.

2. Commemorative coin

Like a commemorative coin, a small token will always be in the boyfriend’s pocket and accompany everywhere. Love messages are engraved on both sides of the metal present. On the front – Love You More (“I love you more”), on the back – Trust me, etc.

3. Keychain “French Kiss”

Is your relationship with your loved one as touching as this adorable pair of elephants? Do you love each other just as much and are always happy together? Then give him a “French Kiss” keychain for the anniversary of the relationship. Let the inseparable elephants become a symbol of your love. 

4. Mugs for two

The artistic design of this “sweet couple” will give the anniversary a romantic atmosphere. The circles attached to each other merge perfectly in a hot kiss. The gift set has prudently included two dessert spoons, securely fixed in the slots in the handles of the mugs.

5. Pair of bracelets “Always” and “Forever”

Stylish jewelry that can be worn as a couple is a great gift idea for a guy for a year of the relationship. On the men’s bracelet is imprinted the word “Always” (“Always”), on the women’s – “Forever” (“Forever”). Both jewelries is made of high-quality genuine leather and are equipped with a strong magnetic clasp. 

6. Color shower

The LED shower head will allow you to enjoy water treatments and the seven colors of the rainbow. The pressure of the jet determines the brightness of the LED backlight, the temperature of the water determines the color. The most spectacular – red – the color lights up at a temperature of 36 °. Turn on the music and have a hot water party for two without leaving your home.

7. Duet set

A pair of glasses with the romantic words Together Forever (“Together forever”) is a great option for an inexpensive gift for an anniversary of a relationship. Made of high-quality glass, the duet set looks chic, despite the moderate cost. Fill them with red wine and make a toast. “To many happy years!”.

8. Cufflinks with double hearts

The dandy guy will appreciate a set of elegant shiny cufflinks in the form of double hearts. A stylish accessory goes with any shirt. Wherever your loved one goes – to work, a business meeting, or a banquet – he will not forget to put on your gift. 

9. Cooling Poker Cubes

A set of four steel cubes for cooling drinks will appeal to the passionate poker player. Reusable ice will cool not only beer, whiskey, wine, or scotch but also the passion of a gambling poker fan. The four-suit dice design is the best setting for a card game.

10. Relax souvenir

A spectacular piece of stainless steel will decorate any office. The souvenir depicts a couple in love, holding hands tightly and swinging on a swing. Watching this process has a calming effect, like an antidepressant. A relaxation souvenir will add harmony to an unbalanced relationship.

11. Boardgame set

Does your boyfriend like to spend his evenings at the card table? The poker set he bought on sale a few years ago must have been pretty worn out. Why not surprise your loved one with a new personalized playset? This is the perfect anniversary gift for your boyfriend, complete with cards, dice, and chips in a beautiful faux leather case. Your chosen one deserves luxury!

12. Double sleeping bag

Lightweight, compact and waterproof, this heart-shaped sleeping bag is the perfect gift for the backpacker guy. The king-size hiking product for a pair of “doves in love” will ensure a comfortable stay. The bag easily converts into two separate beds thanks to the double zipper. 

13. Levitating speaker

A marvelous speaker that floats 1.5 cm in the air above the stand, which is illuminated by multi-colored LED lamps, will amaze the IT lover. The gadget plays music for 8 hours at 70% volume and connects to Bluetooth-enabled devices at a distance of 10 meters.

14. Hobby box

Want to make life easier for a workaholic guy? Treat your loved one with a New Hobby Box subscription. A “smart” gift in the spirit of today will surely “shoot.” A box with a new hobby kit will distract you from exhausting work and allow you to master new hobbies. A loved one will have the opportunity to choose a hobby from a wide range of proposals: from wood carving to bookbinding. 

15. Concert tickets

To get to a live performance of your favorite artist – isn’t that a music lover’s dream? If your boyfriend is a fan of some rock singer, make him happy with a ticket to a favorite concert. You will give your beloved the most expensive gift in his life, especially if you go to the concert too! After attending a music show, save the ticket stubs in a photo album as a reminder of the first anniversary of your relationship.

16. Song as a gift

If the guy is in the army, please him with a song of your own performance, recorded at home or in the studio. A musical greeting, especially accompanied by a slide show or video clip, will convey your emotions from a distance and make an indelible impression on your loved one.

17. Wishbook

The transformation of a beloved girl into a goldfish that fulfills all desires is a mega-original gift for a guy in the year of relationships. Include a samurai massage session, a picnic by the river, a hotel night, a day at the water park, and other tempting offers on your wish list. 

18. Bouquet of dried fish and beer

The composition of dried fish and a bottle of cold beer, created by the hands of a beloved woman, is the ultimate dream of any man. Such a bouquet has a seductive aroma and an amazing taste. Your imagination and care will be valued at 10 points. 

19. Personalized photo puzzle

You probably have a favorite photo of the two of you. Did you even want to put it in a frame? And what if you do it in a more original way – turn a picture dear to your heart into a puzzle! You can complicate the puzzle by first writing your anniversary date and your own text on the photo.

20. Photo collage

Collect all the photos of the last year where you are with your boyfriend and compile them into a collage. Give the composition the shape of a unit, symbolizing the anniversary of your relationship. Decorate the gift with miniature hearts and add a love message. 


A gift for a guy for a year of a relationship is your gratitude for the happy moments experienced together. You have a long road ahead of you, hand in hand with many anniversaries. May they be filled with the same tenderness, romance, and care as the first anniversary. Treasure your feelings, give each other joy and pleasure. What to get boyfriend for one year anniversary can be considered ideal for a guy and for a girl? Everyone has their own answer. The main thing is that it is chosen with love.



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