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7 Awesome Wedding Car Decoration Ideas of 2022

Awesome Wedding Car Decoration Ideas: A wedding is an event that will be remembered for a lifetime. The big day should be special and exactly as you imagined it in your dreams!

7 Wedding Car Decoration Ideas

Renting a wedding car and decorating can be expensive, but you can save your wallet and get the most stylish wedding convoy with our Simple Wedding Car Decoration Ideas.

Wedding Car Decoration Ideas

1. Tapes for wedding machines

The most practical and affordable decorations for wedding cars have been and remain ribbons. They are offered in various shapes, sizes, designs, and colors and are versatile and adaptable.

Pay special attention to mirror tapes with a metallic sheen. They reflect the sun’s rays from the car body in sunny weather, and in the rain, tears seem to flow from them – an insanely beautiful sight for any weather!

You can drape the auto tapes in different ways, from mirrors to rear fenders, using any protruding body elements for fastening. The ribbons, pulled over the hood and complemented by a bouquet, look the most beautiful.

2. Personalized plaques

What a wedding without a spectacular announcement! Complement the loud horns blasting through the streets with colorful, personalized nameplates or initials of the bride and groom. Plates are made in the form of stickers or wooden planks. The latter is in harmony with vintage cars and requires a special environment.

Surprisingly, the signs are relatively cheap. But the effect of them is simply outstanding!

3. Glass chalk and markers

Funky markers and glass chalk – a new word in the design of a wedding car. They give complete creative freedom to creative newlyweds and event organizers. An idea came up – why order a plate? All you need to do is apply the lettering to the rear window or another smooth surface. It dries quickly, rinses off easily.

The advantage of markers is that now each guest can write their own congratulations and wishes. Disadvantage: Not every limousine rental company will draw a car for half a million bucks.

Some newlyweds decorate the windows of the car with regular shaving foam: this is far from the best Wedding Car Decoration Ideas!

4. Artificial or natural flowers

The use of fresh or artificial flowers in a wedding car is a classic of the genre.

Millions of wealthy couples purchase exotic flowers specifically for this purpose to highlight the sunny tropical theme of the wedding. But this does not mean that floral decor is the enemy of the wedding budget.

Connect professional florists who will pick up the perfect flowers for the season. Combine bouquets with ribbon decorations for a stunning visual effect. The main thing is not to overdo it.

5. Flags on wedding cars

In your reports from official events and news broadcasts, you have surely paid attention to the flags that adorn the cars of presidents and government delegations. Foreign wedding planners have a similar tradition. Order personalized initial flags to make your wedding limousine unique.

6. Window stickers

If large decals or markers don’t work, use small, stylish decals, ready-made or custom-made. Stickers are usually placed on the rear window of a wedding car, less often on the side windows. In addition to the usual “just married” text, they can contain initials or humorous wishes.

7. Pompons for a wedding car

Few newlyweds think about pom-poms but in vain. In fact, it is a versatile, cheap, and effective decoration for a wedding cortege. Attached to the rearview mirrors, grille, roof, or tied to ribbons along the entire body, pom poms create a fun and romantic atmosphere.

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