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100+ Beautiful Wedding Anniversary Quotes of 2021

We give you some ideas for Wedding Anniversary Quotes Wishes to celebrate the wedding anniversary with the most beautiful Wedding Anniversary messages that you can dedicate to the person who is by your side and with whom you want to share your life.

Wedding Anniversary Quotes

Beautiful Wedding Anniversary Quotes

These are the most beautiful quotes for your wedding anniversary:

  • My love is as true today as it was five years ago. The sweetness and delicacy of your heart have made a dent in my life, a wonderful life.
  • But what joy! We wish you good luck and health. May the next years be even more beautiful.
  • I don’t think six years have passed so fast. Time flies, or maybe it’s just your love that made me fly.
  • I think? You already realized that I’m not very good with words. Happy Anniversary Day, Dads!
  • What is the secret of such a happy life? Seeing them happily united after so many years teaches us how important the sacred and fundamental value of marriage and family is.
  • We were present on your wedding day, and today we are happy to celebrate with you the continuity and solidity of this dream of love.

Happy Anniversary Quotes

  • Best wishes on this day of celebration. May you be very happy every day in your married life.
  • We celebrate with you this second wedding anniversary, in the hope that this experienced happiness will never end.
  • This day of great joy for both of you is just the beginning of a long sequence of beautiful and endless moments for a lifetime.
  • We were witnesses of your great love. We reaffirm to be witnesses for the coming years.
  • To my faithful wife, in the renewal of the memories of this delicious and magical day, these flowers are accompanied by a tangible sign of my feelings.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Quotes

  • A swirl of kisses, satiety of joy, a beautiful love, a unique spirit of emotions. Always you and me!
  • 3 years have passed since we got married. Happy anniversary my love. I am remarried every day.
  • Every year that I spend with you is like living in paradise. I know I married an angel!
  • The most precious gift was the memory of your voice when you told me that fateful “Yes” at the altar with joy.
  • I hope you like the gift, at least because cards have never been my thing. For love to last through all of our anniversaries, that would be great.
  • Did you think I had forgotten? Happy Anniversary!
  • Today on the day of their anniversary, my conviction is that their love will help them to become accomplices, friends, and travel companions.
  • On the anniversary, with that thought, I want to thank you for your dedication to the family and for your love.

Anniversary Quotes for Couple

  • I have to admit that his humor and his love have no equal. You are and always will be—an extraordinary couple.
  • I confess that my love will last a long time and without changes.
  • Time passes, life escapes, but one thing is forever, and nothing destroys it. My love for you!
  • We have witnessed his great love. We reaffirm the declaration for next year.
  • I could write colorful or impressive sentences, but I chose to write a simple and sincere prayer, which came from the heart, to tell you. I love you today as then.
  • Their splendid union lives among us an infinite admiration—our congratulations and best wishes to the heart on your wedding anniversary.
  • That today is not just a simple memory, but the beginning of what has allowed us to get here.
  • Life is long and heavy, but you have made a divine creation—greetings for your anniversary.
  • Twenty years ago, I married the most beautiful girl. Even today, I live with the most sensitive and beautiful woman.

Lovely Wedding Anniversary Quotes

  • My world is only perfect when you are by my side.
  • A wedding, a shared life, can be used to a great extent, to go together around the world and see the all or nothing there is to see.
  • Because of you, I laugh a little louder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more. Happy anniversary, my dear.
  • I still remember the fears of marriage, the doubts that our love would last, and yet now everything is beautiful, evident. I love you more each day. Happy Anniversary.
  • For the two of us, home is not a place. It is a person, and finally, we are home. Happy anniversary, my dear.
  • An anniversary is the beautiful, romantic, and splendid confirmation that everything is going well or, even, that everything is better than ever.
  • You know you are in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality beats the dream, or even if you sleep, you want to be snuggled with that person you love so much. Happy Anniversary, my love.
  • Forever is a long time, but in true love, with you, forever is a necessity: I could not live if I were not by your side. Happy anniversary. I hope you are for me that blessing that illuminates my days until the last of these.
  • The secret to a happy marriage is finding the right person, and you know you are right if you love being with that person all the time. Happy Anniversary.

How can I write marriage anniversary wishes?

  • I just want you to know that I am happy when I imagine that it is with you—a beautiful anniversary for you and me, my love.
  • The days with you are a blessing; you have changed me so much that I cannot believe what you mean to me. From the wedding until the last days, with you, always, my love.
  • You know that you are in love. You know that you have had a correct action when you realize that you can only recognize the past without your love as a lack, an imperfection, an intolerable lack. And now? Now we feel full on this anniversary.
  • Happy anniversary, my dear. May life last us as long as our love.

Happy anniversary my love quotes and wishes

  • Through the past of time, we have been able to navigate a litmus test, each one growing alongside the other. Happy anniversary, my love!
  • Happy anniversary. I congratulate you for putting up with me, for loving me, for missing me, for pampering me as hard as you can no matter how time goes by. I love you my love.
  • The passage of time changes our body, modifies our thoughts and opinions, but there is one thing that can never change: how much I love you, my love. Happy Anniversary.
  • Finding true love and letting it continue to thrive, grow, can only be considered a blessing. Hopefully this divine request never leaves us and that we can continue living this tale of roses, my love. Happy Anniversary.
  • Life has gifted me with an excellent person, and with her present I confirm, on this day, how much I love and need her. Happy anniversary, my love.
  • In these days I love you more. Not because of packaging or etiquette, but simply because memories pile up and experiences sometimes come out like tears from the eyes. I love you, my love and I wish you a happy anniversary.

What do you say on your anniversary?

  • Happy anniversary to us, because we are both the totality of something magnificent, wonderful, that arose with a simple yes that changed our lives forever.
  • Another year passed and we continue to show, my dear, that love is stronger and that nothing has changed. Happy anniversary!
  • With your presence in my life, I have nothing more to ask for, since all I want is for ours to continue to be as beautiful and perfect as it is today. Happy and blessed anniversary, my love!
  • An anniversary confirms and emphasizes with great intention how much I love you and how happy I am to have decided to accompany you for a long time on that long walk that life is.Happy anniversary, beautiful husband!

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Quotes to congratulate

  • Ours is pure and strong, like the most powerful rock in this world. I love you with all my soul Happy anniversary!
  • Looking at divorced couples makes me feel for a moment that love is ephemeral, but when I see you, my princess, I feel that everything is worth it and that nothing would be the same without your presence. Happy anniversary, my dear.
  • For some couples, being perfect means being flawless. But for ours, being perfect means recognizing your own mistakes and those of others and trying to improve them. I love you my dear and I wish from the bottom of my heart a happy anniversary.
  • The anniversary would have to be a weekly or monthly affair since a date is very little to show such an amount of affection. Happy anniversary, my dear.
  • Happy anniversary to all those people who not only believe in love, but who ratify it in the long term, understanding that everything can be ephemeral except the affection that two people can feel from the depths.
  • Not even Aphrodite herself could have formed such a great bond of love as the one we share. I wish you a happy anniversary, although I know that I would also have to wish it to me, since without two this would be impossible.
  • Although everything changes in life, nothing changes in love. Anniversaries, in truth, serve to make us realize that great truth. Congratulations!

Wedding Anniversary Quotes for friends and family

  • Happy anniversary, dear friend. It is surprising to observe that after so many years you are still in love. I love you very much and hope you have many more anniversaries in the future.
  • You are a beacon of inspiration for all your friends and family, since very few people last in love, in a time of so many changes and so little patience. Never change your way of being and especially the love you profess. Happy anniversary!
  • Anniversaries are a reminder of the promises that couples have kept in the past, those that they are making in the present, and those that are in store for the future. You are one of those people, dear friend and that is why I love you, I admire you. Happy Anniversary.
  • Dad and mom: it’s beautiful to see how they still love each other and how they celebrate that love that they have had for a long time. Today is an anniversary and I can only extend an affectionate greeting, since I am also a product of your affection. Congratulations and I love you very much.
  • May this anniversary, friend, keep you more secure and united with your husband, in relation to the present and all the objects that you have in the future. Congratulations!


See you again, celebrating together and united before and after many years of married life, and it is beautiful. His love and passion are almost contagious!

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