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63 Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Friends of 2021

The best wedding anniversary gifts for friends: Friends have a wedding anniversary and want to share this joy with them? Life together lasts three years so that we will give leather products, and maybe your friends have been living together for more than 6 years, what then to give?

63 Best Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Friends

Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Friends

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We have wedding anniversary gifts for friends for any date, taste, and wallet. What if friends invited you to their wedding anniversary? I want the gift to bring not only joy but also benefit. Take note of one of the following ideas.

1. Camping equipment

To make a difference in the life of couples is always useful and pleasant.

2. Cushions

You can stay at the usual option from a store with animals or floral ornaments, or you can show creativity and give personalized pillows or with photographs of spouses.

3. Funny bath mat

There are rugs with a heating function or those that change color when water gets on them.

4. Subscription to the gym

Such wedding anniversary gifts for friends should be given only if the couple mentioned that they would like to start playing sports. Otherwise, the best wedding anniversary gifts for friends can be regarded as a hint that they should lose weight, and the heroes of the occasion will be offended.

5. Slow cooker or microwave

Such gifts will be appropriate if the couple legitimized their relationship and started living together just recently, without having time to purchase all the kitchen devices.

6. Tracksuits

In this case, you need to have an idea of ​​the size of each spouse’s clothes.

7. Jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzle with a joint photo or a mosaic with a lot of details. Puzzles like to collect not only children but also adults.

8. Set of silver cutlery

Silver is believed to be a very “pure” metal, which can absorb all the bad energy that accumulates in the house in one way or another. It is advisable to choose such a gift together with the couple so that it fits into the interior, and they like it themselves.

9. Decoration for the interior

Decoration for the interior in the form of a horseshoe, Such an accessory should be in every home since they believe that a horseshoe will protect the family from troubles and misfortunes.

10. Wall panel

It will be great if the spouses themselves participate in the process of its creation. There are ready-made kits with detailed instructions on sale.

What to Give Friends for a Chintz Wedding?

In the first year of marriage, it is customary to give wedding anniversary gifts for friends from textiles and fabrics. Options for giving friends on a chintz wedding anniversary:

11. Bedspreads

It is unlikely that in one year, the couple was able to get hold of everything necessary, so the beautiful bedspreads that fit into the interior will please them.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Friends on a Paper Wedding

The second year of marriage is called a paper wedding. Friends Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas:

12. A book

Even if the couple doesn’t really like to read, you can find a print publication that will definitely come in handy. For example, it can be booked with recipes, publications on animal care (if any), or books specially for future parents, if the couple plans to get offspring in the near future.

13. Postcard

Inside the card, you can paste sweets, small notes with congratulations, or other cute things.

14. Leather-bound diaries

The best wedding anniversary gifts for friends will be especially relevant if the spouses work in an office or in a position where you want to write something down.

15. Coloring book antistress

A very fashionable present is a wedding anniversary gift for friends that allows you to relax, throw aside negative thoughts, and just enjoy the creative process.

What to Give Friends for 3 Years of Marriage?

The third year of living together is usually not so simple—inevitable quarrels, grinding against each other, the search for compromises, and new solutions.

And if a couple has a child, then a lot of effort goes into his upbringing and maintenance. This date is called a leather wedding, and you can give it:

16. Clutch and purse for documents

Do not forget that the couple works and still periodically go out.

17. Home slippers made of genuine leather

An excellent alternative to cloth slippers, which are constantly torn and quickly become unusable.

18. Cases for phone or laptop

This gift will help to save expensive gadgets from scratches and cracks.

19. Skincare Items

Set of creams, lotions, shaving foams, Like it or not, a gift will be used for skincare!

Best 4th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Friends

In the first few years of marriage, the couple tries to celebrate every wedding anniversary. The fourth in a row is called linen. Friends invited to the celebration can bring the following presents:

20. Linen tablecloth

You need to choose the largest possible diameter and the longest tablecloth. If it is small and short, then the life of the spouses will be deprived of joys and fun.

21. Floral arrangement of flax

Such wedding anniversary gifts for friends can be ordered in advance from a professional florist or in a flower salon.

22. Linen bedding

This is not cheap, but it is a practical gift that will serve spouses for almost several decades.

Best 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Friends

The fifth anniversary of married life is the first family anniversary. Traditionally, this holiday is called a wooden wedding. Ideas that you can give friends on your wedding anniversary:

23. Wooden model of a ship or car

A wooden model of a ship or car that you can assemble yourself. An interesting wedding anniversary gifts for friends that will look great on the Internet. It will be especially valuable for a married couple since they themselves took part in its creation.

24. Handmade backgammon, checkers, or chess made of wood

It is possible that this gift will become a family heirloom and will begin to be passed on from generation to generation.

25. Wooden utensils

These include cutting boards, coasters for teapots or pans, all kinds of spatulas and ladles.

26. Shelf for books

A married couple will be especially pleased if friends make this gift with their own hands.

What to Give a Married Couple From Friends for 6 Years of Cohabitation

This date is called a cast-iron wedding. As a rule, people’s relations have become strong, like this metal. Quarrels and reproaches behind, life is settled, family life is in full swing. For this holiday you can give:

27. Cast iron kitchenware

These include pans of various shapes and sizes, ducklings, baking dishes.

28. Stand for firewood

Cast iron fireplace grate or stand for firewood. The gift will be relevant only if the couple in the apartment or country house has a fireplace.

29. Cast iron lamps

They can be carried out by a specialist.

30. Brazier

Such a gift will delight spouses for many more years.

Gift Ideas for Friends on the 7th Wedding Anniversary

This round date is called copper or wool, so it is permissible to give the following presents for this date:

31. Copper coins

A wonderful wedding anniversary gifts for friends for those involved in numismatics.

32. Numerous knit

You can give a graceful brooch to a woman, and cufflinks to a man.

33. Copper Turk for making coffee

This is a very useful and incredibly beautiful wedding anniversary gifts for friends.

8th-Anniversary Gift for Friends

The 8th anniversary is called tin or poppy. It is customary to celebrate it also because the number 8 symbolizes infinity. On this occasion give:

34. Tinned drinks

They can be treated directly to the holiday.

35. Clothing or hats and a picture of poppies

It can be either ready-made clothing options or custom-made ones. The main thing is not to lose with the size.

36. Tin box with red poppy sweets

This is a very budget but an original gift. With sweets, you can all have tea together, and the box is useful for storing small items.

37. Cake

On this occasion, you can order a cake with poppy seed cakes or large creamy poppies. And you can with that, and with another!

The 9th Anniversary of Living Together – What to Give to the Heroes of the Day?

A faience or chamomile wedding is 9 years of marriage. Traditionally, on this day, spouses are given only useful gifts; it is better to refuse beautiful trifles. So, a number of gifts that will definitely delight spouses:

38. Aromatic lamp made of earthenware

A great thing in the house that helps with everyday activities. For example, citrus oil will help to cheer up and tune into a working mood. Relax, fall asleep, and throw heavy thoughts out of your head – lavender oil. By the way, oils can also be gifted with a lamp.

39. Bed linen with daisies

It can be the most ordinary linen with flowers or more expensive and intricate options—for example, a set of 3D-linen.

40. Crockery

Tea sets, plates, a beautiful tureen, baking pots, or salad bowls will never be superfluous.

41. Earthenware flower pots

It will be very cool to look in the interior and keep the memory of the holiday.

What to Give Friends for 10 Years of Marriage

When the family turned 10-years-old, we can safely say that they were not mistaken with the choice that both husband and wife had completely taken place, that many difficulties and joys had already passed. Their tenth anniversary is called pewter or pink.

The celebration is usually celebrated on a grand scale. Family friends, parents, and those guests who were at the wedding are invited to it. It is customary to bring gifts with you. It is appropriate for this holiday to give friends such gift options as:

42. Pewter frame for the mirror

It’s not worth giving the mirror itself, as many consider this a bad omen.

43. Tin floor vase

Most likely, guests will bring a lot of flowers with them on this holiday, so another vase will not be superfluous.

44. A set of dishes in pink colors

The pink color is very beautiful and rich in shades, so you can always pick up something suitable.

45. Pink towels

It will be great if you can collect a whole set of towels for all occasions, from the kitchen to the bath.

What to Give Friends for 15 Years of Marriage

This anniversary of life together is called the crystal. It demonstrates simplicity, transparency, but at the same time, the strength of family relationships. If on this day the couple invited friends to the celebration, then they can please them with such gifts:

46. Crystal glasses

These can be ordinary products, or you can decorate them with gift inscriptions or pleasant congratulations.

47. Crystal decanters

This holiday is far from the last in the life of the spouses, there are still many feasts and celebrations, then decanters will come in handy.

48. Lamp, chandelier, or floor lamp

This is a wonderful “home” gift for light, warmth, and comfort.

49. Crystal figurine

Crystal figurine or a beautiful composition of them. Although many people do not accept gifts of all kinds of souvenirs, things made of crystal look really expensive and beautiful.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Friends

The man has lived side by side for 20 years, and this anniversary is called a china wedding. This name was given for a reason. Porcelain is a fragile metal, beautiful, expensive, valuable. Relations at this stage of life usually resemble porcelain. Spouses value each other, value relationships, and try to treat each other as condescendingly as possible. In this period of life, gifts such as:

50. Grandfather clock

Grandfather clock decorated with figures of angels: Such a souvenir can only be found in the aristocrats’ houses.

51. Nameplates

They can be engraved with the initials of the spouses and the words with wishes and further happy family life.

52. Household Appliances

Perhaps some home appliances have fallen into disrepair, so the wedding anniversary is an excellent reason to give something new.

53. Funny ottoman

Ottomans in the form of strawberries, apples, or oranges are suitable for lovers of funny and non-standard things in the interior.

What to Give Friends for 25 Years of Marriage

Spouses who have lived 25 years celebrate a silver wedding. This is a significant date, as people have been living side by side for a quarter of a century! Friends invited to a family celebration should give it to those responsible:

54. Themed pair of silver figurines

This is a very symbolic and significant gift that symbolizes harmony in a couple, peace, tranquility, and family well-being. Usually, ducks, swans, or doves are given for 25 years of marriage.

55. Silver jewelry for husband and wife

Men usually give tie clips, pins, cufflinks, women—hair clips, brooches, bracelets, earrings, rings, and pendants.

56. Joint portrait of spouses

Joint portrait of spouses in a silver decorated frame. For this venture, you need to find a professional artist and a joint photo of the heroes of the occasion in good quality.

Best Ideas of What to Give Friends on Their Wedding Anniversary

People who decide to tie their lives in marriage will be pleased, including such gifts:

57. Named chocolates

A modest and inexpensive gift that is universal. If funds allow, you can buy a whole thematic set of chocolate.

58. Picnic set for 2 persons

Almost all people go to a picnic at least once during the warm season, so the couple will remember their friends and their efforts many times when choosing a gift with gratitude.

59. Collection book with love letters

Such publications include love letters that once upon a time, great people wrote to their soul mates—a great chance to make sure that love is a great feeling that lives on for centuries.

60. Dispenser for liquid soap

It is proved that the use of liquid soap is much more useful than washing with lump soap. Such a gift is an excellent occasion to take care of the spouses’ health.

DIY Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Friends

If everything is in order with imagination, and hands grow from where it should be, then on this holiday you can present gifts made by yourself to friends:

61. Heart-shaped lollipops

This version of the treat is especially for adults, as wine is part of such sweets. For cooking, you will need red or pink wine of any kind (1.5 cups), 2-3 tablespoons of natural honey that have not yet been candied, a little salt, 150 g of granulated sugar, cookie cutters in the form of hearts, as well as wooden or plastic sticks.

The wine must be simmered until 1/3 of the original volume remains in the saucepan. When this happens, it must be removed from the stove and allowed to cool to a temperature slightly above room temperature. Then sugar, honey, and a pinch of salt are added to the wine. The mixture is brought to a boil and quickly poured into molds. Next, you need to insert the sticks and twist them a bit until the resulting mixture is on it from all sides. Lollipops need to be allowed to congeal in a cool place for a day.

When the mixture has hardened, candy can be pulled out of the molds and packaged. Previously, they should be lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar and shake off its excess. This is necessary so that the candy does not stick to the package. Such threats are usually packed in transparent cellophane, and they are tied with colored ribbons at the base.

62. Scented candle

Such a gift is a great alternative to an aromatic lamp. You will need to take a low but wide glass. The following seasonings should be poured into it: cloves, ground cinnamon, zest of lemon or orange, ginger, nutmeg, vanilla. You can use all of these seasonings, as well as 2-3 favorite ones to choose from.

The glass will need to be decorated with cinnamon in the sticks. You can glue them to the glass using superglue, or you can attach them with a beautiful ribbon.

In the center of the glass, you need to put a thick candle with a flat bottom. If you light a candle, then very soon, a unique smell will stand in the room.

63. Composition “Lovely Birds”

In order to fulfill such a unique and beautiful gift, you need to choose a transparent container. For this, the most ordinary liter jar is suitable. You will also need to buy a pair of small toy birds. Toys from Kinder Surprise eggs are also suitable if something like this is suddenly lying around at home. If artificial grass or pebbles are on sale, they can also be bought. Typically, these products can be found in shops for aquarium owners.

Attention! If decorative pebbles were not found on sale, then they can be made independently. To do this, you need to find a couple of dozen pebbles of small, but about the same size on the street, wash them thoroughly, dry and cover with shiny nail polishes.

  • You will also need to find a fairly dense twig that will fit the jar in diameter. It should be held horizontally in the bank and not fall through.
  • Pebbles or decorative grass are laid at the bottom of the can. A twig pre-cleaned and coated with clear varnish is inserted into the jar. If there is a risk that the branch will fail, it can be additionally fixed with superglue.
  • Birds are attached to the branch with the same glue.
  • The jar must be tightly closed with a lid. A patch of beautiful fabric with patterns is thrown upstairs and fixed first with the help of a pharmaceutical gum, and then with a beautiful ribbon.

How to Choose a Gift for Friends on Your Wedding Anniversary?

When choosing a gift for such a wonderful holiday, it is worth considering the following points:

  • The gift should be useful and necessary to please the heroes of the occasion. If possible, a gift should be engraved with the number of years lived.
  • When packing a gift, you need to observe the romantic theme and the name of the anniversary. For example, for a poppy wedding, you can choose a beautiful package or a gift bag with poppies.
  • If possible, you should choose paired gifts, but if you can’t do this, you will have to buy two different gifts. One for the spouse, the second for the spouse.
  • Do not give too intimate and personal things, as this can mislead the culprits.
  • A good way to evaluate the need and value of a gift is to think about whether you would like to receive such a thing as a gift. If the answer is yes, then you can safely buy it.

Unsuccessful Gifts That Are Better Not to Give Friends on Their Wedding Anniversary

You should not give the following gifts to the couple for their anniversary:

  •  Antiques and things that were already in use. It is believed that they accumulate bad energy, and this is useless to people who decide to bond their lives in marriage.
  •  Mirror. Donated mirrors can bring squabbles, quarrels, and a lack of understanding into the house.
  •  Useless gifts. It is worth refraining from giving useless little things that will only annoy and create the illusion of disorder. If there is a desire to give a figurine or a souvenir, then they should be really high-quality and beautiful, and not from those sold in stores like: “All for 40 rubles.”
  •  Gifts with an intimate connotation. This includes erotic games, handcuffs, lashes, sex toys, costumes for role-playing games, and more. The spouses will dig up such things for themselves, but for friends, this is forbidden territory.
  •  Kids’ things. Perhaps the couple is still not thinking about having children, and such gifts would be inappropriate. And if the couple is already expecting a baby, then they will be able to buy children’s things and accessories based on personal convenience.


Thus, the wedding anniversary is a significant event in the life of all couples. Someone celebrates this holiday in a modest family atmosphere, and someone calls relatives and friends. No matter how this holiday takes place, it is very important to prepare significant and useful gifts for spouses.

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