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Unique Wedding Guest Gift Ideas of 2022

Unique wedding guest gift ideas: Wedding souvenirs, those gifts that they give you affectionately, and you forget in a drawer that you never open. Or you throw them away directly. Has it happened to you after attending a wedding?

Then avoid the same thing happening in yours. Don’t waste your money on a useless gift.

Top Unique Wedding Guest Gift Ideas

Unique Wedding Guest Gift Ideas

Your guests want to be surprised during your celebration, and they will notice all the elements: the place, the decoration, the food, the music, and much more. Among them are the gifts they will receive.

They must be original and functional so that they do not end up in the trash the next day. If it’s not edible, it must be something that reminds you of your big day.

Remember that it is the little things that make the difference. That is why it is important that you decide well what to give to your wedding.

Do you want a perfect wedding? Read on to find tips and tricks for a Unique Wedding Guest Gift Ideas for your guests.

Edible Unique Wedding Guest Gift Ideas

Giving away edible souvenirs is a guaranteed success. And it is not surprising because a sweet or salty delicacy is always appreciated during the ceremony or the party.

For example:

  • Sachets with chocolates or artisan coffee,
  • Boxes with small cakes decorated with your initials,
  • Cookies with the guest’s name (and this way you can assign their seat by placing them on the plates),
  • Jars of homemade jams and honey,
  • Small bottles of whiskey or some special liquor,
  • Popcorn or snacks, etc.

Add company thank you tags for added personalization. All this can be offered in a candy bar, which is becoming increasingly fashionable.

Useful details to surprise: personal care products

A type of wedding gift that has become very popular and all the guests will be delighted,  are beauty products, since they are items that they can use and keep in their handbag.

For example:

  • Lip balm,
  • Mirrors in bags or little bags,
  • Hand creams,
  • Soaps with aromatic essences that can go in hand-woven bags,
  • Bath salts and scrubs in glass tubes with a cork lid, etc.

Add labels with your initials or some kind of thank you, and you will make these details a perfect complement for a beautiful memory.

A detail so that the party does not decline

At what wedding are food and drink not abundant? Yours will not be for less, and you will want all your guests to be 100% throughout the event. Give a hangover kit, and more than one will thank you. It consists of a serum, salts, water, and medications.

Unique wedding guest gift ideas

You can easily make them yourself at a very affordable price.

Decorative gifts so you don’t forget your happiest day

You can also give something that can be used as decoration: small pots with succulents or some type of cactus or flower,

  • Scented candles,
  • Sachets with scented flowers to give a fresh touch to the cabinets,
  • Boxes for storing jewelry,
  • Cups in which coffee is served at the party and can later be taken home, as well as drink glasses or shot glasses.

All this can be labeled with the initials or with a phrase of love.

Useful wedding gifts in spring-summer

If your wedding is in spring or summer, the heat will make more than one of your guests want a refreshing drink, and a perfect detail would be some water bottles with funny labels or a cocktail with paper umbrellas.

During the ceremony, you can distribute fans decorated with ribbons and with a personalized label.

If the event is at noon and in an open space, you can distribute colored and personalized glasses. Imagine how fun your wedding photos will be with all your friends and family doing silly things at the photocall.

Keep in mind that guests easily tire of heels and, if you want them to give it, they are all on the dance floor. It is ideal that you distribute sandals or flip flops. All in a basket that attracts attention.

Wedding gifts in fall-winter

If your wedding is in autumn-winter, it may be cool  (and it may be more during the early morning), so you can give out gifts that protect from temperatures.

Give away blankets, blankets, shawls, or pashminas. You can place them on the guests’ chairs so they can take them when they consider it necessary or in a basket at the reception.

Also, to rest from heels or shoes, you can give slippers or flat shoes. Ask your bridesmaids to help you distribute them on the dance floor.

You’ve seen it? It does not matter what season you celebrate your wedding. Or if it is outdoors or in a classroom. You will always have the chance to find gifts that will remain in your memory and that of your guests.


As the last recommendation, make a personal note to the people you consider because not all details have to be purchased. So get to work!

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