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90+ Adorable Simple Wedding Cake Ideas of 2021

The best Unique Simple Wedding Cake Ideas & Designs: The wedding cake is the second great protagonist of any marriage, the first is the bride, of course, so this must be memorable, beautiful, striking, and above all delicious. Guests will be on the lookout for what it will look like, so prepare to display something that will surprise everyone.

Wedding Cake Ideas

Simple Unique Wedding Cake Ideas & Designs

A wedding cake can have any style, and it all depends on the taste of the couple and the theme of the party. There is such a variety of models that it is very difficult to choose one, that is why we want to present you with a series of simple wedding cake ideas that can help you choose the cake of your dreams.

Classic White Wedding Cakes Designs Ideas

Classic is something that never goes out of style. It is such a sober and elegant style that it is not difficult to imagine a Wedding Cake Ideas in this color, especially if we opt for a multi-story one.

Round or square, they can be adorned with sugar flowers, caramel pearls, and vintage designs with cream, which looks great on the fondant.

Colored Wedding Cake Ideas

What color will the theme of your wedding be? Rose? Blue? Lilac? Dare to give a different touch to your cake by designing it so that it has a lot of colors.

Pastel shades are predominant in wedding celebrations. However, riskier couples opt for somewhat different nuances. No matter what color you have chosen, make it appear on the cake.

A Bright Cake Ideas

If you are one of those who likes big parties, glitter, glamor and anything extravagant, you will surely want your wedding cake to be the most spectacular anyone has ever seen.

Fill it with glitter and metallic colors to dazzle from the first moment.

Top Best Chocolate Wedding Cake Ideas

Who does not like chocolate? If you and your partner are lovers of this delicious dessert, give them the pleasure that the Wedding Cake Ideas is of that magnificent flavor and that its decoration is also focused on it.

This option is perfect for weddings whose main colors range from beige to dark brown. Rest assured that more than one guest will have a mouthful when they see the cake.

Cake Mapping or Interactive Cake Ideas

A completely white cake, but that in the middle of the evening comes to life and begins to project the most colorful and fabulous images. Leave your guests speechless with photos of you and your partner on the cake, as they change to the rhythm of a romantic melody. Check out this video that shows how fantastic and modern it looks.

Funny Wedding Cake Ideas for a Fun Couple

If you and your future husband are the ones who love fun and are generally known as the life of the party, rest assured that your guests will expect to come across a cake at their wedding celebration that reflects that trait of your personality.

Figures on the Cake Design

These cute dolls come in so many funny poses that it’s hard not to find one that you like. The great advantage of using them is that you can design the cake as you like and just add a mini representation of yourself as a cap. It’s that easy!

Cakes With Particular Shapes Design

They are not typical round or square ones. They can be completely asymmetrical or wear designs that are associated with a hobby of the couple.

Simple Wedding Cakes for a Family Celebration

A wedding party does not have to be extravagant to create the most beautiful memories. If you also think so, we invite you to see the following wedding cake ideas for simple wedding cakes for small wedding but beautiful wedding cakes for a family celebration.

Nude Style Bridal Cake Ideas

Also called naked cakes, these cakes have become very fashionable in recent years. Who would say that it takes nothing more than a simple decoration and a thin layer of cream to make a cake look great.

Vintage Style Wedding Cakes Ideas

Wedding Cake Ideas with vintage-style decor are some of the simplest with unmatched finishes. The elements for your decoration are natural flowers, fresh fruits, and cream of the type that you like the most.

The details are much less polished than those with fondant, but they are just as striking and original.

Wedding Cake for a Couple of Geeks

Geek is in trend, so we could not leave out a section to talk about cakes for those couples of gamers or fans of literary sagas, comics, or movies. Every day more and more people join this wave that connects them with their better half in unexpected ways.

You’re already about to get married, so all you have to do is think about what kind of monster/alien/wizard/superhero your cake will become.

The wedding cake you choose for the moment you get married not only represents the dessert they will eat at the end of the evening. In case you did not know, cutting the cake is the first activity that the couple does together as newlyweds and represents the couple’s blessing with prosperity, happiness, and sweetness.


The custom of distributing the cake among the guests came from ancient Rome when it was still a piece of bread that was given at wedding celebrations. Once it broke on the bride’s head, those present ate the crumbs, believing that they were good luck. That is why, even today, everyone who attends the event must eat a piece. Now that you know all that, you will no longer see your wedding cake in the same way as before.

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