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24 Fashionable Simple Wedding Hairstyles Ideas of 2021

Simple wedding hairstyles: It does not matter if you are the bride or a guest, we have taken a walk on Pinterest to bring you the best Simple Wedding Hairstyles ideas and that you choose the most beautiful and flattering Simple Wedding Hairstyles in the world. Check out!

Simple Wedding Hairstyles

The hairstyle is one of the most important points to keep in mind at a wedding, after the dress and shoes. Whether you are the bride or a guest, choosing what to do with your hair is essential. If in your checklist you already have crossed out the dress and shoes that you will wear that day, now it is the turn of the Simple Wedding Hairstyles. Okay, maybe there is still a long way to go until the wedding date but hey, can you think about what hairstyle you would like to wear, right?

Top Simple Wedding Hairstyles

You will already know that we like to make your life easier, so we have taken a walk on Pinterest, and we bring you simple hairstyles with which you will look like never before at YOUR wedding or the wedding you go to as a guest in this 2020 so rare that it’s our turn to live.

Easy Simple Wedding Hairstyles Collection

This season, they take all kinds of collection, and, for the most creative, the hybrids that mix pigtail and braid are all the rage. Don’t hesitate to use jeweled or floral clips. In this gallery, you will find easy semi-recollections to make at home, somewhat more elaborate collections that will inspire you when going to the hairdresser and some ideas that you will love. Pretty pins, hairpins that brighten up any look, flowers, crowns, “jewelry” for your hair … The universe of hair accessories is so vast that we could spend all day browsing Pinterest.

You will also find Simple Wedding Hairstyles for day and night weddings, whether you have long hair,  half mane, or one of those who prefer short hair.

So we encourage you to take a look at the images in the gallery so that you “open” your Simple Wedding Hairstyles universe a little, and you can go even more beautiful and shining to the wedding

1. Loose hair with a twist

Bet on super soft broken waves and elevate your Simple Wedding Hairstyles by picking up the strands from the front, rolling them on themselves, and securing them on the back of your head. Can there be something more simple and beautiful? We doubt it.

Simple Wedding Hairstyles

2. The most elegant bow

We love how this type of hairstyle looks for weddings. You just have to collect your mane in a low ponytail and roll it over itself to create the bun. If you have a small amount of hair, you can always put on a foam donut. Thin the strands of the bangs to make it more romantic and, if you want, card the crown area before making the updo to give it more volume. 

Simple Wedding Hairstyles

3. Messy braid

The detail of decorating the Simple Wedding Hairstyles with a velvet ribbon is increasingly fashionable. Look at this unmade braid, for example. Thanks to the bow, the hairstyle acquires a renewed and more special character.

Simple Wedding Hairstyles

4. Pigtail with the middle stripe

A simple and very fashionable Simple Wedding Hairstyle. Apply foam to damp hair (we do not want to remove the volume). Before blow-drying the mane, separate the section of bangs with an irregular line in the middle. Then, collect your hair in a high ponytail. Do it with your hands so that it is not very polished. Using your fingers, gently undo the curls from behind.

Simple Wedding Hairstyles


5. Lady bow

A very elegant option. The hair has to be very smooth and polished. Make a high part on the right side and collect the hair in a low ponytail, leaving it well glued above the ears. Twist your hair, make a tight donut around the base, and be generous with the hairspray. You will get it if you use a shine serum before you collect your hair. 

Simple Wedding Hairstyles

6. Braid + bow

Do not know whether to decide on a braid or a bow? Well, do it all! Start with a side root braid and finish it with a tousled bun on the other side. Here it is necessary to have at least a half mane to be able to work the hair.

Simple Wedding Hairstyles

7. Braid + low ponytail

This hairstyle is best if you have very long hair. To start, make yourself a German braid (the inverted ones) in the central part of the head. With the remaining hair, do a low ponytail. Remember to hide the rubber by winding a lock over it. Want more Simple Wedding Hairstyles with braids for weddings? We have more here!

Simple Wedding Hairstyles

8. Bohemian Pickup

Casual and very chic. Dry the hair with a slight wave and some volume. Apply a styling cream to your hands and twist your hair without tightening it. Pick it up at the bottom of the crown with clips and leave some thin strands loose on the temples and at the nape of the neck. The headbands provide a jovial touch, being the perfect accessory for a guest.

Simple Wedding Hairstyles

9. Braid and loose hair

As you can see, it does not take too much skill to show off your hairstyle. Make a braid on one side of the head and fasten it under the mane.

  Simple Wedding Hairstyles

10. Semi-collected

Simple Wedding Hairstyles

The “undone” finish gives a romantic air. With dry hair, curl the hair with a curling iron and make an irregular line on the right side to create some volume in the front area. Pick up the hair in a low tail and with the curly locks make a low bun. Twist the front hair and tie it to the bun, leaving one of the sideburns loose. Do you want more semi-collected ideas?

11. Meteor shower

This hairstyle is so so pretty that we would want to wear it every day. You just need to add some star-shaped pins (or whatever you want) to one side of a semi-gathered creating this waterfall effect.

Simple Wedding Hairstyles

12. Wet effect

With straight, dry hair, hold the top with a tweezer. Dampen the sides with a light hold spray and then apply the gel backward with your fingers so that it is well polished. Release the top area, crepe the roots a little to give some volume, and apply the gel also backward. In the end, apply a bit of strong lacquer and dry it with a diffuser so that not a single hair is out of place.

Simple Wedding Hairstyles

13. With a twist

A classic bow can be renewed if we add a complement. Add a touch of brilli brilli to a classic Wedding Hairstyle and you won’t need anything else to shine. The grace of this hairstyle is that the bun is not very polished but has volume and movement. 

Simple Wedding Hairstyles

14. Ideal for the most bohemian

If your style is boho, then you will have fallen in love at first sight with this proposal. Loose, slightly wavy hair and jewel detail on the back of the head. Amazing!

Simple Wedding Hairstyles

15. Low Bun

And if you do not want to wear any jewelry or accessories in the bow tie, take it like this. Very polished, low, and with the grace of crossed strands. Be sure to wear a dress so that he gets all eyes.

Simple Wedding Hairstyles

16. Delicate

And if you liked this about adding jewels to your hair, go for a long string of diamonds. This option, which simulates the branches of a tree, combined with a semi-gathered ending with a disheveled braid, we love for the bride.

Simple Wedding Hairstyles

17. Rolled up

If you want to give a romantic touch to your bun, roll different strands over it and the result will be almost that of a spiral. 

Simple Wedding Hairstyles

18. Bubble braid

LOVE. So in capital letters is what we have felt when seeing this photo. A bubble effect braid adorned with pink velvet ribbons put the icing on a look as romantic as this bride’s that guests can also wear. It is all so copyable that we are rethinking about going through the altar.

Simple Wedding Hairstyles


19. Double braid

The grace of this hairstyle resides in two points. On the one hand, we have the two side braids and on the other, this beautiful pin with flowers. Don’t forget to wave your hair to give it more movement and achieve this incredible result.

Simple Wedding Hairstyles

20. Don’t you like flowers?

Well then, this type of geometric accessory bears your name. We like it for its simplicity and how beautiful it is. Leave a couple of strands in the front so as not to look so shaggy and if you want to braid one of the two sides to give a more festive touch to the hairstyle.

Simple Wedding Hairstyles

21. Flower diadem

And if you have short hair, don’t think you don’t have pretty options. See how ideal this type of cut is with the slightly wavy bangs and a floral-inspired tiara. 

Simple Wedding Hairstyles

22. Pearl Fans

Pearls may always be associated with “grandmothers” but watch how they hit the mark in this simple hairstyle. You can pick up a pair of braids or locks using these pins and leaving the rest of the hair down. Super flattering!Simple Wedding Hairstyles

23. The most beautiful girlfriend

We love this bride’s flower and veil combination. In addition, the plummet manages to remove formalism from the look without reducing sophistication. Here it is better that you make the phrase “less is more” your own and that you choose to wear your hair loose, slightly wavy. Thus all the attention will fall on the exquisite veil.

Simple Wedding Hairstyles

24. Are you a guest 

And you don’t know what to wear? Do not worry because we have selected the most beautiful dresses to go wedding with style.

Simple Wedding Hairstyles

Why You Should Choose a Hairstyle or Collected From the Gallery

You can directly choose to go to the hairdresser and let yourself be advised, but in our opinion, before taking that step, it is good to discover new options that perhaps you have not considered before. Maybe you don’t see yourself with a tight bow, but what would you think of a tousled bun in the purest boho style? Or perhaps you are more of a simple semi-gathered or low ponytail and braid with volume, and you still do not know it.

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