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68 Spectacular Ideas for Wedding Dresses of 2021

The best Ideas for Wedding Dresses: A wedding is one of the most special and long-awaited days, especially if you are a woman. Surely when you were little, you also fantasized about getting married, but especially you dreamed of a wedding dress that would make you look spectacular and beautiful Ideas for Wedding Dresses.

It doesn’t matter if your wedding is a small ceremony, a toast or a big party, the key is to choose the best dress according to your taste and style.

Ideas for Wedding Dresses

You will find many types of dresses, cuts, shapes, fabrics, tones, and textures. Therefore, it is important that before going to the stores and saturating yourself with information, you are clear about what style you are looking for and even the tone (because there are many shades of white).

Ideas for Wedding Dresses

Thus, when you arrive at the bridal shops or have your dress made, choosing it will be easier if you are already clear about what you are looking for. Here we leave you several tips that can be useful when choosing your wedding dress.

Pay attention to these Ideas for Wedding Dresses!

10 Line Dress Ideas for Wedding

This style of dress is ideal for all brides, regardless of size or height. It is a classic dress that bears the name of A because its design takes that form. That is, it opens up to the ground. The bust and the waist are more fitted, and the fall opens to the bottom.

It has the advantage of concealing the abdomen and hips since it is neither wide nor extremely fitted. This is a classic dress, and you can give it more elegance by choosing a fabric with lace or rhinestones. Kate Middleton used this model at her wedding to Prince William of England. She chose it with lace, and it looked beautiful.

10 Princess Wedding Dress Ideas

The princess dress is a dress that expires femininity and reminds us of fairy tales and princesses. It is made up of a fitted bodice that defines the waist and a very wide skirt, forming a large circle on the floor.

It is a glamorous dress and fits all types of bodies.  The downside is that, if you are short, it will make you look smaller, but if you want to hide the abdomen, it will be great for you, because it accentuates the waist.

If you are not tall, you can look at the tube dress that we will talk about later. Anyway! You will have a whole Disney princess wedding with this dress!

10 Mermaid Ideas for Wedding Dresses

This is an ideal dress for women who want to look sensual and have a curvy body in the Sofia Vergara style. It is a dress that enhances the curves and makes your silhouette 100% feminine, because it emphasizes the silhouette, especially the hourglass.

The main characteristic is that the bust, waist, waist, hips, and legs are very fitted (up to the knees). From the knees to the bottom begins a wider and flared skirt. Because a woman can be feminine and sensual at the same time, look for understated accessories to prioritize your silhouette.

10 Greek Empire or Goddess Dress

This is an ideal dress for those brides who like a style with an ancient and majestic air.  It is a neoclassical style, to be exact. This wedding dress has a high waist, just below the bust, and her skirt falls naturally.

It fits all body types and will give you an ethereal air. The choice of fabrics, in this case, is important: choose soft fabrics with a fall and with some detail under the bust. This cut lengthens the legs and streamlines the body. You will look super romantic!

10 Tube Dress Ideas for Wedding

Tube-type wedding dresses are characterized by falling vertically from the shoulders to the floor. It is a dress that wraps the entire silhouette, so it is recommended for brides with a slim constitution, and even with rectangular bodies, as it favors the figure.

It is a dress that enhances the curves and leaves no detail to the imagination, so it is ideal for women with confident personalities and who want to look sexy. In small women, this dress is ideal because it lengthens the figure.

10 Short wedding dress

A short dress is ideal for weddings in the city and for civilians, especially in summer. A dress is short because you show the ankle and there are even wedding dresses that show the knees. They are dresses that adapt to both day and night weddings and adapt to any silhouette.

It is a perfect dress for those brides who are not used to wearing a long dress or even for those who want a second dress so that they can dance freely at the party. It is important that you pay attention to the accessories so that you do not look so simple, especially the shoes, which will also be the center of all eyes.

And if you don’t like dresses – 8 tailored suit is an option

If you are one of those brides who never wear dresses, unless some social commitment forces you, this is the best option. At your wedding, you have to feel especially comfortable and reflect your style freely. The tailored suit is ideal for that. This idea is also great for those daring brides looking to surprise on their big day.

Of course, it will not be a simple suit, but the fabric, the tone of white, and even the rhinestones and applications will make this a dream suit. You will be the most daring and modern bride they have ever seen.

Cleavage is also important

The neckline you choose will be the difference between the right or wrong dress. If you have a small bust, your option is ruffles, rhinestones, and even flowers to enhance the chest. If your bust is large, opt for simple fabrics. If you have a long neck, opt for a high neckline and, if you have a short neck, opt for a low neckline.

Another option is to put the neckline at the back. This type of neckline will allow you to combine elegance and sensuality, and it is also the latest trend! This time the front part of the suit should be more demure, leaving all the prominence to a beautiful bareback or covered in lace or rhinestones.


I hope you liked our wedding dress ideas. You can find more tips for your look in our ideas posts for bridal hairstyles and flower bouquets. You are going to be a spectacular bride!

Also, visit our main section of Ideas for Wedding Dresses to avoid leaving any detail in the inkwell!

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