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How to Make Your First Wedding Dance Unforgettable

The DJ invites the bride and groom to the dance floor, legs shaking with excitement. You are standing in front of your newly-made spouse under the admiring glances of your parents, close and distant relatives, acquaintances, and not so guests.

How to Make Your First Wedding Dance Unforgettable

How to make your first wedding dance unforgettable and get the most out of your Big Day? Follow 10 simple tips.

1. Dance experience doesn’t matter

With the growing popularity of reality TV, you could see that dancing is not just for professionals. Today everyone dances as best they can. The first wedding dance is not a dance duo performance. Enjoy each other and drop your complexes.

2. Let the wedding party begin!

We advise the bride and groom to dance together with an only part of the song, and in the second half, bring the rest of the party guests to the dance floor.

3. Practice is the path to excellence

Even professional dancers hone their skills with many years of practice. Sign up for a dance class to practice basic movements together.

Although everyone dances as best they can, a three-minute contemplation of two hustling hamsters can kill the festive atmosphere. Well, or make you an object of ridicule.

4. Rehearse on your wedding shoes

The combination of new, not worn-out shoes and a smooth dance floor is an explosive mixture for the first wedding dance! The bride also has to remember about high heels that strive to overwhelm you during the next step.

5. Work together as a dance duo

We understand how busy the bride and groom are on the eve of the Big Day. Despite the abundance of things to do, take a few evenings to practice together. You will not only gain confidence on the dance floor, but you will also feel each other’s movements.

6. Keep it simple

A long wedding checklist is just a headache. Try to keep things simple and don’t turn great events into work routines. The same applies to the preparation of the first wedding dance and the party in general. Relax!

7. Avoid failing

The attitude is simpler – it does not mean to turn off the brain at all. Work out the details of the upcoming performance. Not one, not two brides have managed to lose their dress on the dance floor!

8. Nevermind

If the dress has survived, and you performed a choreographic number more or less, calm down about the criticism of others. You are not professionals.

9. Music is important

For the first dance of the bride and groom, music matters the most. To collaborate on the best song for the main event or ask the DJ for advice.

10. No remixes!

Make sure to send the correct version of the song to the DJ. If you entrust the choice to another person, confining yourself to the name of the song. As a result, you risk getting an unwanted remix. Not critical, but spoil the mood.

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