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How to Choose Wedding Rings: (12 Helpful Tips)

How to Choose Wedding Rings: 12 Helpful Tips: Wedding preparations are in full swing, and it’s time to choose your wedding rings.

How to Choose Wedding Rings: 12 Helpful Tips

Before you make one of your big purchases, here are some helpful tips on How to Choose Wedding Rings.

1. Try to narrow your choices

Diamonds or more modest stones, platinum or gold – initially, the choice is so great that brides are ready to panic! Take it easy and just take it to step by step.

Start with a wedding ring style. Simple or Ornate? Classic or non-standard model? Engraved or not? Should your ring match the groom’s ring perfectly? Or can you deviate from tradition?

Try to narrow your choices as much as possible by dropping one criterion after another.

2. Operate within your wedding budget

Of course, when choosing jewelry, there is a temptation to buy crazy luxury.

Set a clear limit: for example, the purchase of rings does not exceed 10% of the wedding budget. If modest white gold rings will last for $ 1000, personalization in the form of a series of neat diamonds will instantly increase this amount several times. Think well!

Yes, a wedding happens once in a lifetime. But don’t go out of your way for jewelry – buy what your wedding budget allows. There will be better times and a great desire – you will change.

Of course, there are many beliefs associated with wedding rings. They are a symbol of unshakable family happiness, and supposedly it is impossible to change rings after the wedding. But in fact, family happiness lies in loving hearts – pieces of metal can be changed in accordance with fashion!

3. Know the difference in the wedding ring material

Do you want platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or multi-precious metal wedding bands? Daring couples are offered alternative metals such as titanium, cobalt, palladium, and even ultra-strong tungsten carbide!

Conduct a small educational program to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each metal. Only then will your wedding purchase be deliberate and not disappointing.

4. Start choosing wedding rings in advance

When you narrow down your choices and learn to understand metals, it’s time for the funniest thing – trying on rings! Give yourself at least 2-3 months for this pleasure.

It will take time to navigate jewelry stores, study prices, warranty conditions. Finally, in the second round, try on the pieces you like.

Remember: engraving and other custom options will take extra time!

5. Feel free to mix metals

Some couples believe that wedding rings should be made of the same metal. Where is that written? And what if you like yellow gold and he likes platinum? The answer is simple: mix!

Choose a compromise – combined rings of mixed gold and platinum, reflecting the tastes of both partners and your individual style—an excellent start to a family union.

6. Be mindful of your lifestyle

The ring is intended not only for the registry office – you will have to wear it in everyday life. Those who like to work in the garage or participate in sports should think about a ring with rounded edges (“comfortable fit”). If you are constantly doing rough mechanical work, it makes sense to buy a simple ring made of durable, wear-resistant metal.

It is better for active newlyweds to choose rings made of platinum, which is distinguished by its durability. Diamonds and other whimsical jewelry can be donated.

7. Try something new

Are you crazy about diamond-encrusted braided rose gold rings? Try a few options anyway, and talk to a jeweler to broaden your horizons. As with wedding dresses, you may suddenly fall in love with something you never thought of.

8. Think about the future

We do not deny the fashion trends of today. But rest assured that you will want to wear your chosen wedding rings for the next 40-50 years. On the other hand, you are not marrying rings, and you can always replace them or add jewelry in honor of the Nth wedding anniversary.

9. Consider the rules of care

To keep your wedding always rings clean and sparkling, you need proper care. The diamond ring requires rinsing in warm soapy water, gentle brushing with a soft toothbrush or eyebrow brush (vigorous brushing can loosen stones).

Sounds complicated? Then buy simple rings made of gold or platinum – it is enough to wipe them with a soft, lint-free cloth regularly, and the metal will sparkle. Suede for car washing is suitable.

10. Choose the right size

Most people rarely take off their wedding rings; we wear them in the summer, winter, gym, and pregnancy. In a word, when the fingers contract from the cold or swell from fluid retention, the ring should be comfortable in any situation.

Schedule your final ring fitting at a time when you are calm and healthy, and the temperature is normal. Never make a decision in the morning after a heavy fluid intake, immediately after an intense workout in the gym, in extreme heat or cold.

11. Check the quality of wedding rings

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, trust the recognized trademarks and look for the manufacturer’s “name” on the ring – a special stamp indicating the origin of the product. The second important mark is “fineness,” meaning the purity of gold or other metal. When buying jewelry abroad, pay attention to the correspondence between the carat and metric systems (for example, Western 14 carats (14K) correspond to our 585 standard and 18K – 750 standard).

12. Find out the warranty conditions

The engagement ring guarantee is an important factor that most of us do not consider. Meanwhile, some jewelers offer ring resizing for free during the warranty period. What happens if a diamond falls out during operation? Ask the seller these questions.

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