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50+ Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Quotes & Wishes of 2022

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The best happy 50th wedding anniversary quotes: The Golden Wedding is the 50th anniversary of marriage. The symbol of this anniversary is one of the most valuable and expensive metals – gold. Gold represents something that has been achieved through hard work.

50th Wedding Anniversary Quotes

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary

A 50 marriage is a great value that has been formed over the years through hard work. For half a century, people who have lived together have proven mutual Love, respect, trust, and devotion.

50th wedding anniversary quotes

They already have grown-up children and grandchildren. They went through a lot together and did a lot. As a sign of these warm feelings, the couple exchange gold jewelry on the day of the golden wedding.

50th anniversary quotes

50th Wedding Anniversary Quotes

There is a tradition on the golden wedding day to exchange new wedding rings and give the old ones to grandchildren as a family heirloom. This 50th wedding anniversary should be celebrated richly, at a large festive table.

  • An example of your Love before everyone’s eyes!
    Half a century together, A lot? Few?
    One leaf or half a magazine?
    For fifty wonderful years,
    you have become close in the soul, and there are no
    relatives of people in the whole world. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!
  • And to live always in Love, in advice –
    After all, this is a difficult task,
    It means a lot of happiness. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!
  • A beautiful golden wedding and you have great sincerity,
    Try to be close, to love, To be
    able to keep the light in your soul.
    Fifty worthy years
    In marriage, you already live,
    burdens, Love, and happiness
    Together by the hands. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!
  • Congratulations on your anniversary,
    Happiness to you, health, strength,
    So that sorrows and troubles.
    Never knock you down. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!
  • Let the children please you,
    Let the grandchildren be a joy,
    Those who are dear and loved,
    Will invariably be there.

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Images With Quotes

You managed to preserve your feeling in all trials, raised your children to be worthy people, shared your life experiences with others, and helped those who asked for help.

  • Spring and summer, autumn, winter, You have always met together.
    Under the sun alone, you basked.
    And soaked together in the rain.
  • The century has flown by, and you are still the same,
    Give Love to each other.
    Let it illuminate you with light
    On your golden wedding day!
  • Your wealth – children, grandchildren,
    Today gathered nearby.
    So let your life continue to be full of love and happiness!
    Silver on the temples and humility in the heart,
    There was honey in life, but also a lot of pepper; for
    half a century you walked patiently,
    Everything was divided into two and brought up children!
  • Golden, it is your wedding today,
    It was evident that the permission of the Lord was,
    So that you always live in peace, good,
    Though you worked in sweat, you did not grumble about anything!
  • May the sun of Love also shine brightly on you,
    Great-grandchildren, grandchildren, and children adore you,
    There will be joy in hearts and warmth and joy,
    Fifty years together is a gold award! Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!

Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary Quotes

The 50 anniversary should be celebrated in the circle of relatives, who, in turn, give the spouses gold items, jewelry, or just things with gilding. Anniversary Gifts made of gold must be presented by children, confirming their love for their parents.

  • Idolate, every day,
    Despite the rain and blizzard! To your home – warmth
    And health to organisms, So that joy blooms And does not know about cynicism! Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!
  • Golden wedding – a grand anniversary! Once this day is happy, I
    joined two loving people. Today we congratulate you, and all our friendly family has come. And wish you Love and happiness, comfort in the house and warmth, a hospitable family hearth!
  • Let beautiful toasts
    And words of congratulations sound today.
    It is very difficult to be happy,
    But you are happy for 50 years!
    Magic threads tied you.
    And you became a beautiful couple.
    And now, congratulations,
    Since the wedding day has come golden. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!
  • Two wonderful, dear people,
    your lips repeat to you all day:
    You have lived so far only half a century,
    Now live to be a hundred years old!
  • You have been together for 50 years, and I wish that the next 50 years will bring you even more joy and happiness than those that are left behind. You are our pride and joy. Happy holiday to you, our relatives. Love each other, and please us with your light and warmth!
  • Twenty-five years ago, at their silver wedding, the family crew of our “newlyweds” was awarded silver awards for successfully overcoming the twenty-five-year milestone in the marathon distance of family life. Today we have gathered here to congratulate those who have risen to the podium’s highest step on the occasion of the presentation of gold medals.
    For your health, dear heroes of the day! Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!

Beautiful 50th Anniversary Quotes

Living life is not a field to cross. In family life, there are not only bright and joyful events, not only bright and sparkling colors but also gray everyday life.

A noisy, cheerful wedding is far behind, and a growing child requires constant attention and time; everyday life gradually begins to depress. We wish you hand in hand to go through difficult parts of your life, support each other, and take an equal part in family chores. Take care of each other!

  • The people say: “Where there are peace and harmony, there is God’s grace”, “Love and advice – so there is no need.” These words are about you because only select families live to see the golden wedding. May your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren delight you for many years! Live happily ever after, always be healthy!
  • When a marriage is concluded, the Lord God sends the newlyweds a guardian angel of the family with a bouquet of roses and as many roses in it as there will be wedding anniversaries.
  • On every anniversary, an angel gives them a rose and the hearts of husband and wife bloom. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!
  • A year later, for a chintz wedding, he gives a calico rose, after five – a wooden one, after ten – a pink one, after fifteen – a glass one, after twenty – a porcelain one, after twenty-five – a silver one, after fifty – a gold one.
  • Congratulations to our dear heroes of the day with golden rose, and wish them happiness, health, and well-being! Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!
  • You have been together for so many years that it is already difficult for me to perceive you separately. They will say something about one, and I immediately remember another, the other will do something, I immediately think about the first. May this touching union continue for many, many years because it is truly wonderful! Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!

Golden Anniversary 50th Wedding Anniversary Quotes

I congratulate you on a wonderful anniversary – a golden wedding. Few can boast that they have reached this mark. And you have lived in Love and harmony for half a century.

Even if the path in life was not easy, even if you had to go through many difficulties, everyday disorder, hardships, and trials did not break you, did not kill your Love and affection for each other.

  • We wish you happiness and health for many years to come. May every day of your life be bright and joyful. Stay loving in the future! Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!
  • So much has changed during this time: morals, customs, fashion, power. And only your family hearth is still unshakable! I congratulate you on the anniversary of this hearth! I would like to wish that the fire in it never goes out and always warms your hearts!
    Happy 50th Anniversary!
  • The family, as mentioned earlier, is the unit of society. In any case, it is a piece of the world, its own little world. Not the world, but the world. I want to congratulate you on the anniversary of the emergence of this Universe, full of Love, kindness, and mutual understanding!
  • With age, a person changes – one for the better, the other for the worse. But people’s attitudes change over time. Yours, in my opinion, if they change, then only for the better. I would like to wish you that this process will continue in the future! Happy 50th Anniversary to you!
  • Baba is next to my grandfather again,
    A lot of happiness, a lot of trouble.
    Together we met the victory.
    And lived for so many years. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!
  • The wedding will be golden, The
    spark is still in the eyes.
    The path, the road is not easy; we
    I saved this marriage. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!
  • Retained their feelings,
    their destinies have already intertwined.
    Time, time will smile, Their route at the cost of living.
  • The young harmonist
    tried So hard,
    That before the wedding, the golden
    Got bad. Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary!

Happy 50th Anniversary Messages with Images

It will be one, two, 10, 25, and 50 years after your wedding, and it will always be a good time to tell yourself how much you love each other. If you are planning to renew your wedding vows or are just looking for ideas to help your parents or grandparents take inspiration from these 50th wedding anniversary quotes.

We love romance! Much more, when it comes to dedicating Love’s thoughts at the most solemn moment of the wedding or in an emotional anniversary celebration. If you have reached your golden wedding anniversary, let your most sensitive sides surface with these short thoughts of Love, capable of softening the most “rocky” hearts.

Writing something personal is always valuable, but if you are looking for inspiration, the most mythical 50th wedding anniversary quotes from books, movies, and songs of all time need to be explored.

It’s time to celebrate, get ready your best suits and party dresses to celebrate that they have reached their 50 years of marriage! Anniversary is not just any day, so wrap it in magic!

If your parents or grandparents reached this magical date, help them be inspired by these 50th wedding anniversary quotes that have transpired.

They can adapt them to the renewal of wedding vows, during the toast, or to accompany that surprise gift that they will want to prepare for the couple. The rain of the 50th wedding anniversary quotes begins now!


Close your 50th anniversary with a flourish. Each of these Happy 50th wedding anniversary quotes is relevant to the most significant moment of the ceremony. They should also be incorporated into wedding invitations to summon the whole family and friends as they did five decades ago. Don’t lose the spark! Dedicate these thoughts of Love to your husband and keep adding laps to the sun as a couple.

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