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59 Warm Happy 40th Anniversary Wishes & Quotes of 2021

Happy 40th Anniversary Wishes & 40th Anniversary Quotes: 40th wedding anniversary wishes and messages. 40 years of marriage are considered a ruby ​​wedding. The symbol of a ruby ​​wedding is a ruby, which is a stone of love, fire, and an eternally burning feeling that will never fade away, as it has already been tested by time.

40th Anniversary Wishes

Happy 40th Anniversary

Another explanation for this jubilee symbol is that the ruby ​​is the color of blood. This means that the spouses have become almost blood relatives for each other over 40 years of married life.

40th Anniversary Wishes

  • With a ruby ​​wedding, you dear!
    Today you are young again.
    I sincerely and sincerely congratulate you, and I wish the
    family prospers for a long time.
  • You have experienced so many things together,
    Any problems already do not care.
    This is true happiness – To
    fall in love, get married, and not part!
  • There is a reason to congratulate you – you have
    been married for 40 years!
    The symbol of your anniversary is the
    Stone of Faithful Love.
  • Let the ruby ​​protect
    Marriage from quarrels, anxieties, resentments
    And the fire only fans,
    What’s burning in your blood!
  • Forty years ago, you united your fates, swore love, and fidelity. Over the years, you have walked together hand in hand, building together a family temple of love.
  • You have something to be proud of – you have caring children, amazing grandchildren are growing up. And today, celebrating the ruby ​​wedding, you can rightfully be called an impeccable couple.
  • While she is not yet golden,
    Ruby is also not bad,
    And forty years have passed through life together –
    And now the lovers are again the groom and the bride!
  • There is no veil, but there is love in her eyes,
    The bride, smiling, all in tears,
    The groom furtively wipes
    his eyes, He still adores his wife!
  • We wish to live before the golden wedding,
    And in happiness, as if in a whirlpool, with the head,
    Hold each other tightly by the hands,
    Love, value, fate, and win!
  • My dear, in the eyes of yours,
    you have been married for forty years.
    For your long life together, Hearts and souls have grown together.

Happy 40th Anniversary Quotes

At a ruby ​​wedding, the wife gives her husband a ruby, and the husband presents his wife a wonderful ring with a small ruby. Relatives, close friends, necessarily children, and grandchildren are invited to this wedding anniversary.

40th Anniversary Wishes

  • Enough for you in life for only two:
    Losses, and finds, and true love.
    Let the wine pour ruby ​​weddings –
    Not everyone can experience this happiness!
  • Live, and hello! The sun is light,
    Let it warms you, and the stars send greetings to
    you at night. Do not age with your soul.
    Peace, prosperity, big love to you!
  • May your life be rich
    And, like a ruby, pure and multifaceted.
    So that the hearth burns and does not go out,
    So that there is no place for sorrow and deception.
  • May goodness be added to the anniversary,
    And the children and grandchildren warm you with Care.
    We wish you family warmth,
    Let your hearts not age for a long time!
  • You have been together for forty years!
    All power is in love, no doubt!
    Catch the bright light of happiness,
    After all, you are worthy of admiration!
  • I wish you good health,
    prosperity, peace, and comfort!
  • Let your every minute be filled with love!
    Forty years have lived together,
    As if they crossed the field,
    To their joy and honor
    Holy fidelity was saved.
  • Such a beautiful couple
    have their eyes glowing with happiness, It is
    immediately clear that it was not for nothing that
    their fate was able to tie them.

Best 40th Anniversary Quotes Wishes

They bring gifts with a ruby ​​as gifts. Also, for a ruby ​​wedding, you need to give expensive gifts, including furniture, household appliances and other bulky items that could be useful in the house.

40th Anniversary Quotes

  • On the anniversary of your life together,
    In your ruby ​​dawn,
    I wish you optimism,
    And good for many years.
  • The family is like good wine:
    At first, it plays, sings, wanders,
    In excess of feelings goes beyond the bounds,
    But the endurance must pass.
  • And your union is held together by the gods,
    Tested for forty years,
    And your children with you,
    And grandchildren grew up long ago.
  • You have passed the mark of quality,
    And the color of the ruby ​​is the guarantee.
    Health to you, and may
    each other’s society always Drunk you.
    Happy Anniversary!
  • Let the wishes come true,
    And love burns with a ruby,
    Gives tenderness, understanding.
  • May luck flare up brightly
    And a bird of happiness will rush,
    And family comfort, quiet
    Let it last forty years!
  • A beautiful ruby ​​is a great jewel.
    However, the main thing is love like this – Much brighter than the gem itself, Giving happiness for forty years.
  • We cannot find dearer hearts in the world,
    And everyone will notice the looks of lovers.
    Always be there, always be together.
    Again, let the groom confess to the bride.

Happy 40th Anniversary Wishes Messages to send

It is desirable that the 40th Anniversary Wishes Messages are ruby ​​colored. Spouses, in response to expensive gifts, should not skimp on treats. The festive table should be as rich as possible.

40th Anniversary Quotes

  • How he loves her and how he will take Care of her
    let the bride keep this speech in her soul.
    We will shout to the Ruby wedding: “Vivat!”
    I wish you good luck and happiness!
  • Happy Anniversary –
    Your Ruby Wedding!
    Your couple is so adorable!
    Perfect, let’s be honest.
  • Forty years lived together,
    What else do you need to add?
    You are the creators of your fate.
    Bravo! Bitterly! Well done!
  • Your marriage was destined from above:
    After all, for forty years, not all of us are destined to
    hear the heartbeat of a friend nearby
    And to be with the other half at the same time.
  • The ruby ​​wedding has arrived
    What a wonderful, right anniversary!
    We wish the joys of large and small
    Among family and loyal friends!

40th Anniversary Wishes to Share on Social Media

  • Let your happiness last forever,
    Let luck await you ahead.
    Let love shine in your eyes,
    Leave the problems behind.
  • I sincerely congratulate you on the 40th anniversary of your family, on your ruby ​​wedding! Be healthy and full of strength, still deeply loved and cheerful by each other.
  • I wish your family understanding, prosperity, good and good, and your home – comfort, warmth, happiness, and happy holidays.
  • Ruby wedding – 40 years,
    Here is the anniversary, so the anniversary.
  • Congratulations from grandchildren and children pour in.
    We wish you great happiness and joy!
  • After all, many years have been lived like this,
    And everything has happened in life.
    But it did not separate you at all.
    And Hope, faith, and love protected you from all troubles.
  • Ruby wedding,
    Beautiful forty years,
    You all demolished together,
    Many troubles have passed.
  • I wish you health,
    warmth and understanding,
    Always let the family be a
    Special vocation.
  • For 40 years, you have been walking along one path,
    There are no more charming couples in the world,
    There is no such strong family.
  • Let your feelings burn,
    Like a fiery fireplace,
    And love protects the
    Firestone – ruby!
  • The autumn of life has come,
    And you have spring in your family.
    You have been living together for 40 years: He is
    strong, she is gentle.

Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

By this, the spouses emphasize their generosity and hope for future rich life. Type of congratulations: 40th Anniversary Wishes, prose, verse, all

40th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

  • Both are faithful spouses.
    It’s expensive to watch!
    For family merits
    Orders can be worn.
  • To her – for kindness, for generosity,
    For support and comfort.
    And to him – for intelligence and honesty.
    And for many years of work.
  • May the ruby ​​wedding
    strengthen your happiness!
    Let prosperity be in the house!
    Let love reign in the family!
  • You are walking alongside your life happily for
    4 dozen years.
    And it is clear that together you are very beautiful,
    you have become as if one person.
  • We congratulate
    you on a ruby wedding. We wish you a long walk in life.
    Family is strength, and we wish you
    not to lose Care and tenderness.
  • According to the tradition of the old
    Stone, your marriage is protected,
    Today a ruby ​​wedding,
    He will save from all adversity.
  • Forty years, this is the date!
    Superb Anniversary.
    I wish you prosperity,
    Nursing great-grandchildren soon!
  • To be an example for all others,
    Like a treasure, to keep the family
    And surround
    each other with immeasurable Care!
  • Ruby wedding, forty years old,
    And you, as in your youth, bloom with smiles.
    I wish you to live in joy without troubles
    And in endless sincere Care.
  • And respect each other, and appreciate,
    Do not allow insults and sorrows,
    And every day love even more Strongly to
    tears in my eyes, to insanity!
  • You are pride and an example for many,
    And we look up to you – You have lived together for
    forty years, You make us happy with Your union.
  • So let there be fewer tests,
    From them, alas, there is no escape.
    And feelings will be stronger than steel,
    But grief never knocks.

40th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

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