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Getting Ready for Your Wedding: How to Stay Calm and Confident

Getting Ready for Your Wedding: How to Stay Calm and Confident: Wedding preparations take only a few weeks, and the nerves take several years in advance. If you’re looking to regain peace and confidence, here are some helpful tips from professional wedding consultants and event planners. Getting ready for a wedding is not scary.

First, always remember that you are not alone – all brides are nervous. Polls show that 92% of girls experience stress on the eve of painting, and 71% of the stress does not go away even after a wedding party.

You are preparing for the one and only day of your life (hopefully!), So enjoy every moment of preparation, treat them as a unique and rewarding experience. You can worry all the time about bouquets, drinks, a wedding band, a wedding dress, the length of the veil, the color of the limousine, or just for no reason.

Fought with the artists or forgot to order equipment – all these are working situations, not a reason for suicide (another). Follow our advice, take a simpler life and take care of your health. Everything will be OK! =)

We Draw Up a Wedding Preparation Plan

Feeling like the situation is spiraling out of control? Take a breath, sit down at the table, and tweak your wedding checklist over a cup of tea. Here are a few suggestions from the specialists of the British firm Warble Entertainment, which will give you a sense of confidence and organization in the pre-wedding commotion:

1. Notebook of the bride

Be sure to keep a special bride’s notebook, where all affairs, meetings, plans are recorded, as well as useful magazine clippings, and culinary recipes are collected. This is also where the contact details of the artists and suppliers are entered.

2. Folder with current affairs

You can buy a ring binder, which can be easily divided into departments: venues, catering, wedding dresses, accessories, wedding floristry, gift list, entertainment, etc. Within each department, essential notes, contacts, and other information are collected – it’s simple and reliable.

3. Plan of preparation for the wedding

On the first page of your notebook (folder), put a clear, step-by-step wedding preparation plan with the dates you need to adhere to. If all goes according to schedule, you can relax and enjoy the respite.

4. Paper is always at hand

We advise you to keep the bride’s notebook and pen always with you (even near the bed) so that you can immediately write down unexpected ideas or changes in plans that come along on the go. If you are alarmed by a thought at night looking, just drop it in your notebook and look at it the next day. And today – only healthy sleep!

Dealing With Stress and Relaxation Before the Wedding

To meet your big day in optimal shape, start taking care of yourself. Let me offer eight practical tips from Colorado-based American wedding consultant Sheryl Paul and her reputable New York City wedding coach Jeri Kadison.

1. Try meditation

Despite the pre-wedding chores, you should remain at the peak of your emotional and physical shape. Try meditation. The ancient oriental technique strengthens the body, helps to clear the mind, and prepares for trials. You can practice meditation right in bed without wasting precious time visiting groups.

2. Use healing scents

Lavender essential oil is widely known for its soothing properties. Chamomile, jasmine, rose, and basil is also used for relaxation before a festive moment. Jeri Kadison recommends putting a drop of lavender or rose oil on your wrists, and problems go away quickly!

3. Stay together

Preparing for the wedding is the first serious test that you will go through with your future husband. No matter how many things are planned, set aside time for an evening date, joint morning jogging, and romantic weekends outside the city. Share the worries and responsibilities of organizing your wedding.

4. Take care of your body

If you have not yet become involved in the pre-wedding training program, we remind you: exercise has a positive effect not only on the body but also on the psycho-emotional sphere. Even a walk, jog, or a few dance steps in the middle of the kitchen will do the bride good. Physical activity stimulates the body’s production of endorphins, “natural drugs” that relieve pain and normalize mood.

5. Allow yourself to be nervous

All girls can sometimes be a crybaby. In our culture, it is generally accepted that preparing for a wedding is an extremely happy time and positive emotions. But this is unrealistic. According to Sherri Paul, pre-wedding chores are an inseparable cocktail of fear, excitement, and joy. Allow yourself to succumb to a completely normal, healthy human response to stress.

6. Write down your feelings

Journaling is a safe and affordable way to express accumulated emotions and fears without clogging them up in your head. According to Sherri Paul, it is not at all necessary for the recording to solve a practical problem. If you are upset that the deceased father will not be able to see his daughter’s wedding, express your thoughts in your diary as frankly as possible – this at least will not allow you to drown in your own experiences.

7. Don’t be afraid to delegate

You are not in a position to control every aspect of wedding planning yourself. Stop reviewing your wedding checklist every minute. Do not be afraid to delegate authority by entrusting your friends and family with sending out invitations, choosing colors, negotiating with suppliers, and other tasks for which there is not enough time.

8. Pamper yourself

Massages, facials, manicures, a visit to the spa, and just a hot bath – these treatments work wonders for stress! Even if time is tight, treat them as a necessity to maintain balance.

The Night Before the Wedding

The night before the wedding should be as calm as possible for both of you. A sensual massage, a relaxing bath with aromatic oils, even a small glass of good wine will not hurt (just don’t overdo it with wine).

Is it difficult to fall asleep due to excitement? This is normal, and the natural adrenaline rush will be your companion all tomorrow. It is undesirable to use sleeping pills because they can cause a feeling of weakness in the morning.

Big day

Be sure to start your wedding day with a hearty breakfast that invigorates and soothes your nerves. Don’t wear yourself out with hunger for a wasp waist in wedding photos – energy and confidence come first.

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