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48 Creative One Year Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend of 2021

The best Creative One Year Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend: Finding original gifts for boyfriends is a much more complicated task than it may seem at first glance. We want that special creative one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend that will make your eyes sparkle, but we don’t know which one will be the best. 

Creative One Year Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend

For this reason, we have created the most complete list with different and creative one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend that will make you feel like the luckiest person in the world. Surely more than one of these gifts, he loves it. Let’s go to see her!

Creative One Year Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend

1. Couple Keychain Keyring

Are you looking for an original 1 year anniversary gifts for boyfriend and also want to prove the affinity and complicity you have with your partner?

Well, this metallic Couple Keychain Keyring inspired by the one of the Da Vinci Code, with an elegant Renaissance design, offers you the possibility of keeping alliances inside and guarding them with the key so special that only a couple as much in love as you can decipher.

Although it comes with a serial key (I LOVE U), you can customize it.

Only you will know that combination that makes that secret compartment of the Couple Keychain Keyring open and on the way to discover that couple of alliances inspired by The Lord of the Rings or place a message or another small gift in the place that the rings occupy with elven inscriptions.

2. Gold plated pendant  

This elegant Parisian design pendant is the perfect option to give those women in love who want to carry the enveloping romanticism of their loved one very close to their hearts.

It has a very original design with two intertwined hearts plated in white and rose gold, and with micro Swarovski crystal inlays on edge.

Because it is made of a gold-plated zinc alloy, without the presence of nickel or lead, it can be worn daily without fear of allergies (hypoallergenic). An original, practical, and exquisitely beautiful 1st anniversary gifts for boyfriend.

3. Pocket watch with chain

If we think about buying one of the original first anniversary gifts for boyfriend, the classic pocket watch with chain can not be missed in any way.

This vintage watch has fine engravings, both on the front and back, which gives it that old but modern touch at the same time.

For added convenience, the time can be seen without opening the watch case, but it is worth doing as the inside features larger white Roman numeral hours than those used on the outer cover.

It is ideal for wearing it in the vest or pants.

4. Cups of lovers

From now on, your breakfasts as a couple will not be the same. With this set of two cups that fit perfectly, your tea or coffee will be loaded with the love and energy you need to have a wonderful day. You just have to put them together, and you will see how they seem to give each other a passionate kiss.

And why not take the opportunity to kiss you too? It is the infallible recipe to make it the perfect day.

5. Activity bracelet

Surely your hearts, like that of all lovers, beat as if it were one, at the same rate and so strong that happiness floods you.

What if I told you that, in addition to feeling it, you could measure your heart rate every second of the day?

You are right. With this smartwatch with a pedometer, you will not only be able to keep track of the state of your heart during the time you spend doing some type of physical exercise, but you can also measure the heart rate during rest states and even when you are next to your partner.

You will see how your heart speeds up when you receive his call or when you feel his presence. As they say, love is the engine that moves our hearts and soul.

6. Magnetic keychains

Do you feel such a strong attraction to your partner that you cannot live without each other? Well, if you feel this, you will love this 1st anniversary gifts for boyfriend.

Magnetic keychains have become, in recent years, the best-selling creative one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend. It is a fun and practical idea that many couples opt for since everyone always has their house and car keys with them.

For this reason, every time you use the magnetic keychain, you remember that your better half, the one that fits perfectly with your keychain, is there with you in some way.

7. Bracelets for couples

Another of the original creative one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend for couples most in demand are the traditional silver slaves but in this case with a more special point.

Instead of marking the names of lovers on the bracelets, they come with an engraving of His Queen and Her King on each one. Accompanied by some zircons that give it that unique touch.

Hypoallergenic and stainless steel couples bracelets come with a carabiner clasp and multiple positions to fit the perfect size for each wrist.

Besides, it includes a nice black velvet bag. An essential detail that every couple should wear with great pride.

8. Necklace with intertwined alliances

Do you find it difficult to express what you feel in words? Well, this time, you will not have to break your head looking for that special thing you feel for your partner.

With these necklaces with intertwined stainless steel, wedding rings, the words flow naturally.

Do you think your love is eternal? That the world is wonderful when you are together? Well, this is the meaning they contain. A true and eternal love that makes life wonderful.

Always carry it with you, and you will feel happy forever. It will become one of the best 1st anniversary gifts for your boyfriend.

9. Surprise box

How can I surprise my partner this time? Surely in more than one moment of your life, you have wondered, and in the end, you have ended up buying a rose or a box of chocolates.

Well, it’s time to make a 180 ° turn. This surprise box, with bow included, has infinite possibilities inside to write messages to your partner with what you feel about it, place photos of your most emblematic moments, as well as hide in the different departments some extra detail such as a ring or a pendant.

You won’t be able to say you’re not romantic anymore, right?

10. James Bond Set

Because as you already know, your boy has all the qualities to be a special super agent like James Bond 007. So it’s time to prepare him this fantastic set consisting of a watch, a pen, a wallet, and a flashlight.

Everything a true professional needs to unleash their full potential. This way, you will always be ready for any unforeseen event that may arise.

You will be amazed to discover the presentation, as the accessories come perfectly placed in an elegant hard case.

As you already know, the details are very important, so take the opportunity to hide a love note in your wallet or a photo of yourself. Success will be assured.

11. Leather belt

If your boy is not very given to gifts and thinks in a practical way, this year, you can give him a fantastic automatic leather belt that will surely come from pearls.

And why this model in particular? Well, because it will adjust perfectly to the size of your waist since it has an automatic system that will allow you to regulate the length of the belt without the need to make another extra hole.

It comes with a nice and elegant presentation, and also includes a keychain with matching carabiner clasp. Can you ask for more for less?

12. T-shirts for couples

Do you feel so in love that you have the need to tell the whole world? Well, this pair of T-shirts with the printing of King 01 and Queen 01 will surely come as a finger-ring.

They are made with 100% cotton and the ink used for printing is water-based, so in addition to being an original gift for the bride and groom, it is also environmentally friendly.

They have a soft and fully breathable fabric, which is ideal for practicing outdoor activities. And in case you do not know what the stamping means, as it happened to me, I tell you that it refers to the fact that the girl is the queen for him, and he is the king for her.

And also, the number 01 represents true and unique love. A nice way to reflect on how you feel about your most precious being.

13. Set of skull jars and chalices

Do you have to make a special & creative one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend for even more special boyfriends?

Well, this set consisting of two jugs and two chalices with designs of skulls and skeletons will surely leave you speechless.

And the decoration is so successful that it seems they are real and want to go out. An imitation that will not leave anyone indifferent. Now, once and for all, you can drink a good beer or a good wine as tradition dictates to the health of good friends.

14. Fifty Shades Trilogy

Do you want to experience different things? With the Fifty Shades trilogy, you will surely find an infinity of ideas to give a touch of color to your relationship.

This detail has been chosen as one of the best original gifts for boyfriends of recent times.

And it is that many times we fall into the routine and we do not know how to get out of it. For this reason, many couples have found in Mr. Gray and Miss Anastasia trilogy a role that perhaps was around for a long time by the head of the couple, and they did not dare to take that step.

So if you want to experiment on a slightly darker side, go into the shadows, and you will discover a world full of light and color. Surely a reading has never been so pleasant for you.

15. Vibrating ring

We’ve seen plenty of creative one year anniversary gifts for couples, but perhaps you’re thinking of something a little more intimate. Well, what do you think of a vibrating ring to enjoy both at the same time in your most intimate moments?

It may not be much talk about this topic, but the truth is that it is a very practical anniversary gift for boyfriend as well as healthy, and on top of that, you can even lose a few pounds than another.

Do you dare to try new things?

16. Bondage Restraints

And in connection with the gift of the Shades of Gray, and if you liked the subject. What do you think if we increase the temperature a little more and put into practice what you have learned with that spicy reading? Well, if you already have the curiosity bug, I will tell you that this bondage set is ideal for entering this hot world.

Even if you do not have the experience, I assure you that as soon as you get rid of the shame, you will begin to enjoy as children.

Are you ready?

17. Survival Anniversary Kit

A tin made up of lots of small objects that will make you smile and remember moments of your life together. You will find it available in five colors: black, pink, blue, purple, and red. When older, it has a card wrapped in tissue paper matching the chosen color and an envelope with explanations of each of the objects.

It contains several objects inside that it is convenient that we explain before you take the next step:

  • Numbers: they mean that you have to remember everything good that has happened to you together.
  • Candle: it means that both your present and your future is brilliant.
  • Glue stick: for all the moments, easy or difficult, in which it has supported you.
  • Eyes: because you are madly in love with that special person in your life and you only have eyes for her.
  • Smiling face: each day is unique, different and everyone deserves a smile.
  • Celebration: you are different, and this celebration shows it.
  • Globe: because you would like to travel the world at his side.
  • Clip: you stay together despite the circumstances and the battles.
  • Seeds: a very lovely symbol that shows your past, present, and future growth.
  • Marbles: the ones that were lost along the way.
  • Clock: so that you always live each minute as unique as it is.
  • Gold medal: for holding each other.
  • Stone: for being a constant support.
  • Puzzle piece: because it helps you day by day, being your friend and your confidant.
  • Marker Pen – to mark all the bright days on the calendar.
  • Heart: for your “I love you.” Your love, trust, and mutual care.

18. Travel kit

This travel kit is great to carry in your suitcase and unleash your passion wherever you want. The KamaSutra brand takes maximum care of all the details so that you can enjoy unrepeatable moments with your partner.

The content of the travel kit will not leave you indifferent and will make you enjoy to the fullest. It is as follows:

  • A small candle to attenuate the environment.
  • A kissable cream that can be used to massage the body.
  • A small feather duster to tickle or brush your partner’s skin.
  • Edible body oil for the body, external use.
  • A lubricant for sexual intercourse.

19. Realistic 3D hand sculpture

Can you imagine being able to sculpt your hand and that of your partner? Immortalize your joined hands? Decorate your home with this symbol of the union so personal? Now it is possible!

We present you a kit with everything you need so you can sculpt your 2 hands in 3D. Or, if you prefer, it can be by taking an object or with the ring that he gave you – although be careful with the material.

Includes video tutorials, instructions, the wooden base, and all the necessary products to immortalize this unique moment. An unforgettable memory that can mean a very special circumstance in your life.

20. Scrapbooking DIY photo album

The XIUJUAN Leather Scrapbook Album is a great and totally personalized gift. It uses high-quality artificial leather in its finish, caring for and respecting animals. Its design is concave to enhance the finish of the cover further, making it an original gift at a glance.

The role of its interior has also been selected very carefully, ensuring its durability over time and through use. The company takes care of all the details so that everything is perfect.

It is an elegant and original gift. Four perfectly designed pads protect the corners of the cover in delicate and exclusive old-fashioned anti-rust metal. The closure of the album is made up of a leather cord with a small metal ornament in the shape of a red heart. The fun and close point of this scrapbook.

It can be bought to make a special gift on the anniversary, at a wedding, on a birthday. Remember to ask for it in time to decorate it inside to your liking. You can include more than 100 10×15 photos.

Inside it contains:

  • A photo album to write
  • A set of colored pens
  • Two pages of photo stickers
  • 30 sheets / 60 pages
  • Available in three sizes: small, medium and large

21. Rose Complete kit and LED light

A great and unique gift. The base is solid wood and has a small hole to place the included rose. Also, it has small legs which keep it stable all the time. The glass is completely transparent, taking care of all the details.

It is composed of a strip of white LEDs that allow its illumination from the inside. It works through a USB plug, which makes it an original and practical gift at the same time.

Inside, you can use the artificial silk rose that it brings as it looks completely real or, you can buy one for that special moment and then use this one. Its height is 24 cm high, 9 cm in diameter and 0.3 cm thick in glass.

An original and perfect gift for any occasion.

22. World map to scratch

The most detailed world map on the market so you can scratch and mark which places you have visited. It is designed with vivid colors, very beautiful, cartographic details on the ground, flags of countries and capitals.

The background of the world map is matte black with a laminate finish that protects it from unwanted scratches. You will find all the states of Australia, Canada, and the United States perfectly outlined.

This is the ideal gift for the bride and groom who love to travel and discover new places. Also, it can be placed on a wall as a frame.  

The accessories that you will find in this gift are:

  • The world map itself
  • A guitar pick for scratching
  • Some stickers of memories of your trips
  • An eraser to clean stains after scratching
  • A magnifying glass to enlarge some areas of the map

23. Personalized mug

An original gift for the king of the house is this glass mug fully personalized in your engraving. You decide what message you want to record in this authentic jug. An elegant, different, and very original detail.

It has a capacity of 510 ml and comes presented in a perfect case to surprise on any special occasion. An anniversary, a birthday, or any day you want.

24. Custom cushion

This personalized cushion measures 40 x 40 cm and includes the padding inside. It is a very special and novel detail since you can decide what its design and its color are. It is ideal for anniversaries, birthdays, special moments.

It is made of breathable polyester, and its touch is like cotton. The background color is white, but you can decide what color or colors are included in the text that you want.

25. Customizable heart cushion

A variant of the cushion above is this. Very nice design with two birds about to kiss each other. Very pretty, tender, and loving. You can choose the color of the color and the colors that you like the most.

You have it available in the following varieties:

  • Dark blue and light blue
  • Fuchsia and pink
  • Yellow and turquoise
  • Pink and blue

26. Lightbox with letters

This lightbox is excellent to leave little messages at night, in the morning, or at any time of the day. Also, you can include symbols like hearts or stars.

It connects to light via USB and works great. You can even use it as a lamp at night. If you do not have a nearby place to plug this box, do not worry, it also works with 6 AA batteries that are not included in the package.

This product contains:

  • An A4 lightbox
  • A USB cable
  • 90 characters
  • Manual

27. Very original mug

Does your boyfriend love coffee in the morning? The infusions? Well, this is a great gift. A super friendly and loving mug with a perfect message for your partner: “Who loves you the most? Pome ”, with a drawn chick.

A very fun gift for those most in love. Its capacity is 0.30 ml, and it comes in a great gift box. It can be used both in the dishwasher and in the microwave. An original cup of the brand Mar de Té.

28. Pizza Socks Box

This gift is ideal for pizza lovers. If you like to share moments surrounded by this delicacy and pepperoni, pizza is one of your favorites, opt for this gift! It is a small box shaped like a slice of pizza.

Inside, you will find a pair of socks, sizes 36 -40 or 41 -46, folded into a piece of pizza. Also, the drawings are made thread by thread, and it is not a silkscreen drawing. This ensures that it lasts longer over time and does not end up fading.

29. Projector Lamp Stars Night Light

This gift is ideal for pizza lovers. If you like to share moments surrounded by this delicacy and pepperoni, pizza is one of your favorites, opt for this gift! It is a small box shaped like a slice of pizza.

Inside, you will find a pair of socks, sizes 36 -40 or 41 -46, folded into a piece of pizza. Also, the drawings are made thread by thread, and it is not a silkscreen drawing. This ensures that it lasts longer over time and does not end up fading.

 30. 360 degree moon and star projector

A similar product to the previous one is this, from the Arfbear brand. It contains different designs inside to be projected onto the ceiling of the room. The most exciting thing about this product is that one of those designs is a birthday cake and projects a “happy birthday” on the ceiling.

Without a doubt, this is a super original gift. Also, you can project stars with the moon or planets onto the ceiling. The lighting effects are 6: white, blue, yellow, sequential, merge, or slow fade.

It can be used via USB connection or 3 AA batteries. To turn on the projector, you only have to press once. To change light effects 2 to 6 times and to turn it off 7 times.

31. Custom engraved wood

If you are looking for a special gift for your anniversary or an important date for both of you. This detail is perfect for the occasion.

It consists of a natural tree slice, not treated for doors or walls, being a high-quality decoration object.

How can you personalize this gift? Send an email to the address indicated in the link that we have specified, writing the names and the date. The dimensions of the product are between 16 and 18 cm in diameter, with a weight of 200 grams.

32. Effervescent bath bombs

If your partner likes to relax or needs a good relaxing bath, opt for these 4 colorful bath bombs. They include Earth, Dawn, Rainbow, and Starry Night. Each of them, therefore, releases bubbles and colors inspired by one of these elements.

They bubble, float, and emit very beautiful colors that will help you get out of the routine. You will enjoy a romantic moment for both of you. You can even prepare the bathroom with candles or an environment that you like. A rich aroma and soft music.

They are handmade and 100% organic. They are a great gift idea. Furthermore, they hydrate, have no strong additives, and are free of chemicals.

33. Eternal rose

An excellent idea for the most romantic. This is an eternal rose, 100% natural. Due to its preservation process, it lasts over time without wilting for a few months. Its size is 6-7 cm in diameter and about 50-55 centimeters in height.

It prevails throughout the days as if it were the first day. A very nice gift as a symbol of your love. The couple needs daily care like roses, and it is not eternal if it is not cared for properly.

34. Grow kit

A great original gift for lovers of healthy food and crops themselves. With this grow kit, you can get two different types of lettuce, arugula, and also cherry tomato.

Thanks to this product, you can grow your own vegetables and make your salads more personalized. You will know at all times if they contain chemicals or how they have been made. And, surely, you end up repeating, since the natural flavor is not the same as that of the supermarket.

This package contains the following:

  • 4 varieties of seeds
  • A sack of substrate
  • 12 biodegradable pots
  • 10 labels
  • A plate
  • An explanatory manual.

35. Pack 6 aromatic seed pumps

These seed pumps are made by hand with different substrates focused on the conservation and germination of seeds.

In each of the pumps, you will find between 10 and 20 seeds that will give rise to some seedlings that will become a bush, and you can use them as a condiment in your recipes.

A germination method focused on Fukuoka’s Nendo Dango method because it is more successful, it is more comfortable and easier to perform.

How does it work? You just have to half-bury the pump in a pot or in the garden, give it away and let it grow. Inside the box, you will also find instructions on its use.

36. Kit for Gin Tonic

This kit is ideal for lovers of gin and tonic. Inside you will find pink pepper, cardamom, juniper, hibiscus, and rose petals. Ideal botanicals to prepare your dream gin & tonic.

So, one of the original gifts for boyfriends who love this drink is this. He will love to know that you think about his tastes and that you focus on all the details when making a special detail.

37. Portable and manual coffee machine

Can you imagine being able to enjoy a good coffee anywhere and manually? It is already possible!

Staresso has created a coffee machine that works manually, being compatible with ground coffee and with the capsules. You just have to put the water and milk inside, put the capsule or the coffee, and you will have your delicious drink right away.

Every time you use it, you can have a cup of coffee. Great for trips, getaways, excursions, etc. Its characteristics are the following:

  • Auxiliary function of the milk foam to obtain a cappuccino
  • Instant cold cooking
  • Possibility of making black tea latte and iced coffee cream
  • Different ways of guide temperature, use of water and ground coffee
  • Capacity for 80 ml of water
  • Capacity for 10 gr of coffee
  • Weight: 460 gr
  • Size: 70 x 70 x 225mm
  • FDA approved materials

You have it available in several colors: black, pink, green, blue, and white. Of course, keep in mind that it does not heat the water, but it is an advantage that does not need batteries or plugs, totally manual!

38. A drone with an HD camera

The Syma X5C drone is the latest generation remote control and can be the best gift for your partner if you are a lover of video games and new technologies.

It has dimensions of 31 x 31 x 8 cm, is very versatile and allows you to direct the drone from a distance of 50 to 80 meters. Crazy!

Thanks to its 6-axis system, it has great stability, being able to implement various flight movements and have more resistance to the wind. Its control is simple and very comfortable. It works with 2.4G technology avoiding interference if there is another quadcopter nearby.

The integrated camera is of high resolution 1280 x 720. It includes a 2GB Micro SD memory card allowing to store up to 800 images or a video of 30 minutes.

Its 2.4GHz remote control has a variety of functions: up, down, left, right, forward, backward, turn both ways.

Also, its remote and anti-interference distance is also characterized by having a lower power consumption. At night, you can also enjoy its lights – that way it will always be located.


A gift box with 4800 options such as getaways, spas, chic dinners, or adventure activities. A very special birthday with this great gift. You can give away activities for one or two people, such as dinners, health treatments, stays.

It is great since it is valid for 2 years from the time of purchase and is renewable during the period of validity. Inside, you can find the gift voucher plus a guide detailing all the services included.

40. Mushroom self-cultivation kit

Is your boyfriend a mushroom lover? You too? This is a great kit to enjoy the growing experience in your own home. Also, you will see how they grow little by little, and you can take pictures. You will become real experts in this delicacy.

Afterward, you can invite whoever you want to eat these wonderful mushrooms. You can prepare them in the salad, as a dressing or as you like. They are a great starter or companion that will delight more than one.

The package includes up to 700 grams available in 3 different harvests.

41. An electric corkscrew

If you are a practical couple and your boyfriend really likes everything technological, this is an excellent option! If you really like drinking bottles of wine or sharing special moments with your friends or family, you will no longer have the problem of the happy corkscrew.

This wireless bottle opener will take just 8 seconds to open any bottle of wine. And you only have to press a button! When it is in the process, it will light up blue, being compatible with the vast majority of wine bottles and any type of stopper – cork or plastic.

It has an elegant design and style. Its cover is made of stainless steel, being modern and sober. Its battery is rechargeable and has a long life, being able to open up to 30 bottles with a full charge.

42. BrewBarrel Craft Beer Kit (Lager)

For beer lovers, this kit is quick, intuitive, and easy to use to make a homemade beer at home. An excellent gift for couples who love this yellow drink.

Lager beer, you should know, is one of the most classic. It has a smooth malt flavor, without being bitter and allows you to appreciate small hints of hops. Inside you will find everything you need to live this magnificent experience.

This kit to make this excellent beer includes:

  • A five-liter barrel as a fermentation tank (empty)
  • A bottle of barley malt extract (650 grams)
  • A bottle of natural aroma (9 ml)
  • An envelope with dry brewer’s yeast
  • An instruction manual
  • A pressure control valve
  • Three coasters

43. Set box with scarf, cufflinks and tie needle

An original and classic gift at the same time. A great Massi Morino design with excellent quality, guaranteeing a long life. So it is suitable for even the most demanding boyfriend. The material is 100% microfiber.

The width of the tie is 8 cm ideal for work or for events or weddings. That great as a gift on an anniversary, birthday or important date.

You can find it available in blue, red, pink, black, gray, silver, etc.

44. Gourmet products set

If your partner is a foodie who loves exclusivity and refined tastes, opt for this set with easy open. Inside you will find a lot of gourmet products to taste alone or accompanied.

In the can you will find the message inscribed “Because it is you …”. A great gift for friends, family, your partner or whoever you decide.

This set of gourmet products includes:

  • A tin with easy open
  • A bottle of Crianza Pata Negra red wine
  • A bottle of Pata Negra white wine
  • A Serra Brut cava
  • Three assorted pates (Pedro Ximénez pate with raisins, Iberian Ibertis pate and Cachuela Extremeña pate)
  • Goat cheese cream
  • Cured ham cream
  • Three jars of jam (raspberry, cherry, blueberry)
  • Jar of cream cheesecake
  • A bottle of extra virgin olive oil
  • A jar of sherry vinegar

45. Transparent piggy bank for couples

Have you wanted to take a trip together for a long time? A getaway? A romantic dinner? But you never find the time or money. With this Creative One Year Anniversary Gifts for Boyfriend, you will no longer have any excuse.

In addition, it has a very fun mechanism. At the top, there is a part for him and a part for her, so that everyone saves a part, but, surprise! When the money is put into his part, the money falls into the girlfriend’s part.

So, it is a very fun gift for both of you to invest a little of your money and then enjoy it after a few months. Surely you are very excited to start this challenge together and live a unique experience thanks to those savings!

46. Multi tool pen

The boyfriends who love smart gadgets will love this proposal. It is a pen that contains a lot of tools to enjoy it. Designed for gadget enthusiasts. It will solve your life in all your construction projects.

This multi-tool pen contains inside:

  • A stylus for tablets and smartphones. This way you can always use your device, even if your hands are dirty or wet.
  • Rule. This way you can measure what you need at all times, in inches or centimeters.
  • Bubble level. It will ensure that your woodworking project is perfect.
  • Screwdriver. If you remove the stylus, you can see the tip of a screwdriver.
  • Flat screwdriver bit. This way you will enjoy all your tools to the fullest.
  • Pen. This option could not be missing! You can write on almost any surface.

A great creative one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend for the little hands.

47. Barber for beard with suction cup

This gift is spectacular. Many men would be delighted to be able to count on it thanks to its great facility to keep the bathroom clean.

Who is not tired of trimming his beard or shaving and leaving everything stained? Thanks to this apron you will no longer have that problem. In addition, it has suction cups to adhere to the bathroom mirror and guarantee a quick and practical cleaning.

An original and very practical creative one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend that you can combine with a more romantic one.

48. Camera lens cup

Without a doubt, this is the best gift for photography lovers. How would your partner feel about having breakfast every morning on an SLR camera lens? You will surely be thrilled to find out!

It is an exact replica of the Canon EF24 – 105 MM F/4L IS USM. It has food-grade materials, with a rubber outer shell and a non-slip grip. The interior is stainless steel.

You will be able to take in this objective both hot and cold drinks, enjoying at all times the experience and this gift.

We hope you liked these creative one year anniversary gifts for boyfriend. In TheAnniversaryBest.com, we try to collect the best opportunities so that you always get your gift right. Welcome!

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