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51 Candy Bar for Weddings: Surprise Guests With a Sweet Table!

Ideas for the best Candy bar for weddings. Surprise your guests with a sweet table: Candy bars, also known as sweet tables, are here to stay.

They are a trend that all the guests love since, after tasting the dinner, the banquet, or the cocktail, they will be able to delight their palate with different trinkets.

Candy Bar for Weddings Ideas

With the Candy Bar for Weddings ideas that you will find here, you can sweeten your wedding in the most original way. One of the most important points is to offer a variety of elements in your bar so that you will surprise even the most demanding diners. By choosing the theme, you can be clear about what sweets and cakes you are going to offer.

Also, depending on whether your wedding is in winter or summer, you can choose fresher or chocolate-laden desserts. And don’t forget the decorative elements that will make your Candy Bar for Weddings a success.

Delight with the best themes for Candy Bar for Weddings

First, you have to take into account the theme that you will choose for your candy table and that it is thus coordinated with your party. Here are several ideas that will help you make the best Candy Bar for Weddings.

Candy bar for an elegant wedding

A good option could be to make it elegant and sophisticated: choosing a wide variety of products, stylized ornaments such as glass or porcelain bases, vases with white flowers, candles, and blackboards announcing the dessert. In this type of Candy Bar for Weddings, white and light tones predominate.

Candy Bar for Weddings

Vintage style sweet table

You can go for a vintage or shabby chic style table, which is a versatile theme for the use of sweets, combined with pastel colors such as beige, pink or mint, and elements such as lace, pearls, crystals, rustic boxes, and mini signs of wood.

Candy Bar for Weddings

The homemade variant

Finally, another option would be to make a homemade table, that is, prepare the desserts that you want to present yourself. All in a natural way, with rustic inspiration, placing the candies on wooden bases, accompanied by wildflowers and colored flags. By choosing the sweets that you like the most, you will achieve a totally personalized table.

Candy Bar for Weddings

Don’t forget to take care of every detail to surprise all your guests!

Impact with varieties of sweets and sweet cakes for all tastes

Trinkets are the main elements of your Candy Bar for Weddings. What would a candy bar be without the goodies? Here we present an infinity of ideas that you can send to make or cook yourself.

From choosing a wedding cake, either milk or chocolate, mini-desserts, lemon or cheesecakes, cupcakes, colored meringues, cream tartlets, cinnamon rolls, puddings, puddings decorated with a citrus mousse, and cookies decorated or even better: macarons (fancy cookies).

Likewise, there is a great variety of gummies, chocolates, chocolates, cotton candy (pink or blue), churros, and candies.

Mmmmm… sweet !!

If your wedding is in summer, you can use popsicles, fruits, cold puddings, and freshwaters. Or, if it is in winter, it offers volcanoes and chocolate fountains with fruits and hot drinks with chocolates.

Decorate your bar with sweets and decorative elements

First, you have to choose the space where you will place your bar. It has to be a place that is at the guests’ hand, but that is wide enough to place all the elements that will decorate your candy bar.

Gummies are one of the most important elements and can be used to decorate your table in an original way. Either by placing them in glass jars, vases, cups, jars, or making skewers of sweets.

You can decorate wicker baskets with giant lollipops, or flowers as decorative elements.

Other decorations that will give you a plus are the bases for wedding cakes, either glass or porcelain. You can also decorate cakes with natural flowers or fruits. Use romantic phrases on posters or boards, which you can also use to describe the dessert that is being offered. Flower arrangements will help make everything look original and romantic.

The lights will highlight the details that you will place on your table, as well as the colors that you select can be combined in the meringues of your desserts; This will help everything to be in harmony with the theme of your event.

The fruit bowls, trays, and plates are elements that will not only serve as decoration for your wedding but will also be useful to place dehydrated fruits, sweets, and mini cakes or citrus tartlets.

Or you can make use of fruit boxes as decorative elements, placing them under the counter or to the side. And don’t forget the balloons. You can place them around the Candy Bar for Weddings to make sure they have phrases or the couple’s initials.

Salty snacks for your candy bar

Not everything you offer in your bar has to be sweet. You can also be original by surprising your guests with salty skewers. These have become popular in recent years.

Candy Bar for Weddings

Either you are combined with sweets and cakes or by placing two tables: one for sweet and one for salty. Savory sandwiches can be placed when your wedding begins to calm the appetite of the guests.

You can place cardboard or paper bags filled with popcorn, sandwiches filled with cold meats such as serrano ham and cheese, salty chips, tapas, ham sandwiches, cookies with cream cheese and different sandwiches that you can prepare, and finally a refreshing drink such as water lemon or some seasonal fruit.

The latest trend in candy tables for your wedding

Coffee bars

This is one of the latest trends in candy tables. You can offer different variants. It is to present the dessert bar in the coffee company, but it does not have to be the traditional American coffee.

latest trend in candy tables for your wedding

You can still offer varieties such as cappuccinos, frappuccinos, or milkshakes of different flavors such as mocha, caramel, or vanilla. Accompanied by some liquor, such as Irish coffee and Kahlua coffee. And finally, some ice cream to complement, with a chocolate wafer.

Mason Jars

latest trend in candy tables for your wedding

Even mason jars are a decorative trend and a must in these types of bars, whether they are filled with jelly beans, mini cakes, meringues, dulce de leche, or a refreshing drink. They can even be given to guests as a souvenir of your wedding. In the containers, you can put colored straws with labels that carry messages of love to give it an even more personal touch.

Naked cakes

latest trend in candy tables for your wedding

They are homemade cakes, decorated with natural elements such as flowers and fruits. The cream leaves the cake visible, thus offering a natural visual element, remember that the colors are pastel tones like beige. These naked cakes will delight your friends!

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