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35 Unique Best Anniversary Gifts for Wife of 2021

The Unique best anniversary gifts for wife: By this date, the couple walked together hand in hand, knew each other well, divided into half joys and sorrows. They had common children, and maybe already grandchildren. It is better to celebrate the anniversary of marriage with family and friends at home or in a restaurant. The main thing is to congratulate your soulmate on such a triumph sincerely.

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Unique Best Anniversary Gifts for Wife

Best Anniversary Gifts for Wife

As the solemn date approaches, be sure to think about what best anniversary gifts your wife will present to your beloved. After all, she, for sure, is preparing a pleasant surprise for you. Traditional presentations are porcelain products that symbolize fidelity and devotion, are distinguished by beauty, sophistication, chic look. Do not forget about flowers – they will be a great addition to any best anniversary gifts for a wife or a standalone present.

Top Best Anniversary Gifts for Wife

You can choose a trip for two, a gift-impression, some unexpected surprise – show your imagination. On the __th anniversary of the wedding, you can buy your wife what she had long dreamed of, remember her interests and hobbies.

1. Golden Ring, Decorated With Stone

Giving a ring for a wedding anniversary is a good tradition. For a porcelain wedding, you can choose a decoration with a moonstone or emerald, and you can order a ring with a faience insert.

2. Jewelry

A golden bracelet, a pendant with a chain, earrings will do for a present – you know what your wife is dreaming of. As an alternative, you can choose something from expensive branded jewelry if your spouse wears it.

3. Wristwatch

This is a memorable souvenir for the second half. Watches can be made personalized by decorating them with the inscription: “Beloved wife on the anniversary of marriage.”

4. Porcelain Tea or Table Service

Buy porcelain dishes for 6 or 12 people. It can be a tea party set – with cups, saucers, a teapot, a jug of cream, or a table set – with deep and flat plates, sauce bowls, a tureen.

5. Casket for jewelry

A casket made of porcelain, metal, glass, wood, or other material – any accessory is suitable for the best anniversary gifts for wife. Choose a product that fits into the interior of the room and store jewelry, jewelry, and various little things.

6. Vase for flowers

Buy an original vase – table or floor. You can order a porcelain vase with a congratulatory inscription, and it will remind your spouse about the past celebration.

7. Wall clock

A stylish antique accessory, a classic-looking clock, a product decorated with your family photo – show your imagination when choosing a presentation. It will decorate your family nest.

8. Flower arrangement

A basket or hatbox filled with flowers will win the heart of a loved one. You can give a traditional bouquet of roses, chrysanthemums, orchids, or other flowers that a woman prefers.

9. Bottle of favorite perfumes

Buy your wife for her anniversary celebration, her favorite fragrance. Originally design your perfume, complement it with flowers and a greeting card, hand it with best wishes.

10. Certificate for Visiting the Store of Cosmetics and Perfumes

If you do not know what to choose for the best anniversary gifts for wife from perfumes or cosmetics, give your soulmate a certificate for a certain amount to visit the outlet. She herself will buy what she needs.

11. Hairdryer or hair curler

The accessory will help your wife take care of her hair and look attractive without much effort. There is an alternative for choosing: hairdryer, curling iron, hair straightener. Such devices are endowed with different functions.

12. A blanket or bedspread

Women love beautiful textiles. In order not to make a mistake in your choice, give preference to not very bright, restrained tones. Although other options are acceptable – the tastes of women are completely different.

13. A set of bed linen

This gift is always useful in a cozy home. Choose a set of natural fabric in delicate shades. You can give preference to a set of bedding with a fashionable 3D pattern.

14. Items of clothing

Dress, cardigan, sweater, pantsuit – clothes can be ordered in the online store by choosing it with your spouse. If you are bored even with online shopping, it is better to give your wife a certificate for visiting a clothing store.

15. A coffee grinder or coffee maker

Your soul mate loves a coffee drink – buy a device for its preparation for her wedding anniversary. She will appreciate your best anniversary gifts for wife while enjoying a delicious coffee in the morning.

16. Juicer, vegetable cutter, vegetable dryer

Any kitchen assistant will always come in handy for a woman to prepare delicious dishes or preparations. You just need to know what device your wife doesn’t have yet, so as not to buy an unnecessary anniversary gift for wife.

17. Iron with advanced features

Even if your spouse has an iron, buy her a modern model of technology with the function of steaming, spraying, dry ironing. On sale, there are many options for irons from foreign and domestic brands.

18. Leather bag, wallet or clutch

Leather women like all women. They are fashionable, high-quality, durable. You can order the application of a personal inscription on a purse or purse, and it will give the accessory an extraordinary color and charm.

19. Table lamp, floor lamp, or sconce

Especially such a present will please a spouse who loves to read books or magazines in the evenings. The original lamp will not only create good lighting but also decorate the room.

20. Relaxing foot bath or massager

Any woman needs rest after a hard day. Her legs are especially tired if she walks in heels. A bath or foot massager will help relieve tension, renew strength.

21. Gifts for hobbies

Does your wife like to sew, knit, embroider, or paint? Give her a good set for sewing, knitting, embroidery, or drawing. You can enroll her in a master’s class in art, which she wants to improve.

22. Presentations for the wife of the summer resident

If your spouse loves to grow vegetables and fruits in the country, she will be happy with a practical anniversary gift for wife. Buy her a set of watering cans, a collapsible greenhouse, a home weather station, or a set of ceramic pots for planting flowers.

23. Sports accessories

For a wife who goes in for sports, donate sports equipment – a mountain bike, a fitness bracelet, wireless headphones, a set for badminton, or something else for sports.

24. A set of designer pillows

Stylish, original pillows to decorate a sofa or bed will give the interior a chic look and decorate it. If your wife loves such items, then feel free to give her such a present.

25. Box of chocolates or cakes

Chocolate or cookies with wishes, delicious cakes, other sweets for wedding anniversary gifts for wife would be appropriate. They can be put in a basket, decorate a gift with flowers.

26. VIP-set of tea or coffee

A lover of these drinks will be happy with the best anniversary gifts for wife Buy elite varieties of tea/coffee, put them in a basket, add an elegant porcelain cup and saucer to them.

27. Holiday cake

Order the master-confectioner a large figured cake with the anniversary inscription “With a porcelain wedding,” it is decorated in accordance with the theme of the celebration. The cake will decorate your holiday table.

28. Your joint portrait on canvas

In advance, order a professional artist a portrait on canvas from your favorite family photo. The gift will be bright and memorable, and it will pleasantly surprise your spouse.

29. A romantic evening in a massage spa salon

A joint vacation with your wife in a massage salon will be a breath of fresh air in your relationship. Massage with aromatic oils by candlelight, a cozy atmosphere in the cabin will cheer you both up.

30. Wedding photo session

The years have passed since the day of your marriage. It’s time to complement your family photo album with new professional shots. Order a photoshoot in places where you took pictures on your wedding day – if possible.

31. Pottery master class for two

Visit with your wife a lesson in the ancient craft – pottery. From clay, you, with the help of a mentor, make dishes that will become your family amulet. You will remember this pastime for a long time.

32. Horse excursion for two

Horse riding lessons in the bosom of nature, communication with noble animals will make your day bright and memorable. Order a pleasant surprise on your joint holiday.

33. Hot air balloon flight

Take a hot air balloon ride under the control of a professional pilot. Devote this event to the anniversary of your marriage. Your feelings will flare up with renewed vigor from surging emotions.

34. Honeymoon trip

In advance, discuss with your wife the route where she would like to go on your honeymoon after years. It can be a tour of interesting places in your country or a trip to Europe – it all depends on your wishes and financial capabilities.

35. Romantic dinner

It can be ordered in the restaurant or organized at home by candlelight. Surprise your wife, cook everything secretly from her. Your wife will be grateful for an unforgettable evening with memories of the past.

DIY Anniversary Gifts for Wife and Surprise Options

A handmade unique anniversary gift for wife from a husband is the most expensive for a loving wife. On the anniversary of the wedding, he is great. After all, the husband puts his love and care into his manufacture, which gives the present special value. A spouse can prepare a gift or make a surprise for the second ladles, depending on their talents:

  • If you know how to join, construct a coffee table for your wife, an original shelf for various little things, cut a cutting board, a clothes hanger or a jewelry box made of wood;
  • Mastered the technique of weaving – make a wicker rocking chair, a table, a bookcase, another thing;
  • Familiar with pottery or specially attended workshops – make an original vase, bowl, dish, decorative accessories to decorate the interior for a gift;
  • Learned blacksmithing – surprise your wife with metal products. She will love the forged flower stand, the shelves for dishes, the candlesticks decorated with hearts;
  • There are no special skills and abilities – make for your beloved a bouquet of sweets or fruits, various goodies or products, which you then eat at the holiday table. Put everything in the basket nicely;
  • Know how to make repairs yourself – spend it in the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen, the second ladle will be delighted with the new interior. Only discuss the repair details with her in advance.

Many interesting gifts can be made using family photos:

  • Floor lamp decorated with unique pictures;
  • Heart-shaped photo collage on the wall. It will reflect the story of your love;
  • Photos located in the center of CDs or old vinyl records. Place them on the wall of the living room, kitchen or your bedroom;
  • T-shirt or sweatshirt with a family photo – a great memory of a holiday event;
  • Handmade wall newspaper – put in it not only pictures but also unique, comic signatures to them, you will amuse your wife.

You will get a great effect if you decide to take on the role of a housewife for a while. On the day of the wedding anniversary, get up early, and prepare breakfast for your wife, bring it to bed. This is a very romantic step, and it will be highly appreciated by your beloved.

Be Nice to Her All Day, Make Surprises

  • Order a bouquet of flowers for home delivery;
  • Decorate the room with balloons, flowers, posters;
  • Sing a song with a guitar or record a melody in the studio;
  • Paint a picture – if you have a talent for artistic creation;
  • Compose a poem dedicated to your anniversary, read the beautiful poetic lines of a professional author.

You can attract children to make gifts together to prepare an unforgettable surprise for mom and wife.

Ideas for Cool, Original, Comic Gifts

A creative approach when choosing a gift for your wife at a china wedding will help you inexpensively, but originally and tastefully congratulate your spouse. Among the original, comic gifts there are:

  • Figurine Oscar “For the main role in my life.”
  • The order with the original design, “For the anniversary, lived together.”
  • Medal “With the anniversary of the wedding – years of marriage.”
  • Gift Diploma “Happy Wedding Anniversary. Years”.
  • The picture “Family Tree” with photographs of all members of your family.
  • Two pillows for lovers with your names.
  • Porcelain figurines in the form of a couple in love or angels.
  • Paired T-shirts – for her and herself: “Magnet for the heart,” “My half.”
  • A cup with a congratulatory inscription, with a portrait of your wife or with your general picture.
  • Breakfast table, “Wedding Anniversary.”
  • Wedding castle engraved “Natalya + Andrey = __ years together.”
  • Figured piggy bank for money from porcelain.
  • A set of registered wine glasses with an anniversary date.
  • The newspaper “Pravda” dedicated to your __th wedding anniversary.
  • Named gift honey “To my sweet wife on the day of a china wedding.”
  • A set of unusual aprons “Newlyweds” – for yourself and your wife.

There are many other original and cool gifts. If your wife loves jokes, buy her something that will amuse and cheer her up.

Ideas for Expensive Anniversary Gifts for Wife

Choosing an expensive gift, you must make sure that his wife is waiting for him and wants to receive your wedding anniversary. Surely, she shares with you her wishes and dreams. Listen to them if you do not want to ask directly what gift she would like to receive.

We offer a list of expensive gifts that are popular with women:

Large home appliances

A microwave, dishwasher, food processor, gas stove, refrigerator, modern robot vacuum cleaner.

A car

A husband can devote a purchase of a vehicle for his ladles to the anniversary of the wedding.

Modern gadgets

A smartphone, iPhone, tablet, computer or laptop, plasma TV – perhaps right now, is time to update electronic equipment.

Furniture for a house or a summer residence

A kitchen set, a good sofa, and armchairs – update the furniture in the house for your porcelain wedding, surprise your wife.

Expensive gold jewelry

Ring, earrings, bracelet, pendant, other jewelry decorated with or without stone. Or more in a fashion boutique of clothes, cosmetics, jewelry, household appliances. The wife herself will choose the desired gift for the holiday.

Repair in the house (apartment)

If you have been putting off the repair in your home for a long time, make it on your wedding anniversary.

What is not worth giving

There are gifts that you don’t want to give your wife on their wedding anniversary. These are various anti-aging cosmetics and body hygiene products – such a gift may hint at the recipient’s age, but this is not very pleasant for her.

  • Do not risk presenting the certificate to a beauty salon, for anti-aging procedures to a cosmetologist – this can also be regarded as a hint that your wife is not young and beautiful. The exception is if she herself ordered you to purchase such a certificate.
  • The purchase of clothes can also cause discontent with your beloved – you can not guess with the size and style, color. Therefore, choose things with your spouse or let her buy a gift for herself, using the gift certificate.


Consider the interests and hobbies of the second half when buying the best anniversary gifts for wife. It is important not only to choose a gift but also to present it correctly. Women, regardless of age, love attention, and care. The wife wants to hear from you the declaration of love – even after years of marriage.


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