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Best Anniversary Gifts for Parents of 2021

The best anniversary gifts for parents: Ready-made ideas for parents to give for their Wedding Anniversary: ​​memorable and original presentations. Symbolic best anniversary gifts for parents for silver, pearl, coral, ruby ​​, and other wedding anniversaries of mom and dad.

The most important and dearest people in the life of every person are, of course, parents. Throughout your life, mom and dad have always been around, brought up, supported, and helped to stand up.

That is why it is necessary to choose a useful and pleasant gift for beloved parents who celebrate such an important and serious holiday at the wedding anniversary. However, not all children easily and quickly find a worthy present.

The Best Anniversary Gifts for Parents

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From this article, you will learn what parents can give for their anniversary. We have collected the best ideas for you – inexpensive and original presentations from your son and daughter. You will also find out what is given for the anniversary, depending on the number of years lived together and what gifts you can make with your own hands.

Best Anniversary Gifts for Parents on Wedding Anniversary

Parents deserve only the best, especially when it comes to big holidays. Ideas to give parents on their wedding anniversary so that they are satisfied and happy:

An Anniversary Gifts for Parents on Their Wedding Anniversary From Their Son

It’s quite difficult to choose an excellent gift for parents on their wedding anniversary from their son. The present can be practical – these are the things men prefer to buy. Best gift ideas:

Electronic Photo Frame

Aged people like to review family photos from time to time. You can give parents anniversary from their son with an electronic photo frame with pictures of different years uploaded to it. The device will independently change frames and even play videos. If you wish, digitize old photos of the newlyweds. Such a surprise touches even the most restrained in the emotions of parents.

Vacuum Cleaner Robot

A useful modern gadget that will help parents with cleaning. Such models independently build a map of the room, scan the apartment for obstacles, and clean up any dust and debris that are on the floor. Just turn on the gadget, and it will be cleaned at home by your parents.

Home Weather Station

An electronic device that is designed to measure atmospheric indicators in the room. A smart station measures temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and predicts weather based on these data—a useful gadget for parents who monitor the weather and their health.

Best Anniversary Gifts Ideas for Mom and Dad on the Anniversary of Your Beloved Daughter

It is easier for women to choose the best anniversary gifts for parents, but sometimes the fantasy ends, and it becomes difficult to find a good present. An anniversary present from a daughter to beloved parents can be romantic and tender. Mom and Dad will be happy to receive the following presents from their daughter:

Paired Bathrobes

A must for those who like to spend evenings in warmth and comfort. You can buy bathrobes in the color of the wedding anniversary, and you can also make cute commemorative or personalized engravings on the back. Attach soft heated slippers or a set of bath towels to your bathrobe – then the best anniversary gifts for parents will become even more practical.

Picnic Set

Parents who like to get out into the countryside, or who have a summer cottage will be delighted with such a best anniversary gifts for parents. The set usually includes a basket or cooler bag, cutlery, glasses and plates, a salt shaker and pepper shaker, a corkscrew, as well as a blanket or plaid.


Often people aged want to have a pet, but they don’t have the time and energy to raise a small kitten or puppy. In this case, make a surprise and give your parents an anniversary aquarium with different colorful fish – it’s not at all challenging to take care of them, but it’s very exciting to watch the small water world.

A Couple More Interesting Anniversary Gifts on What to Give Parents an Anniversary for Years

When thinking about what best anniversary gifts for parents to give parents on their anniversary, it is necessary to take into account an important detail – what kind of wedding, depending on the number of years lived, parents, celebrate. For different years, it is customary to give different presents. Below you will find the names of the anniversaries, as well as gifts for each of them that can be made to parents.

10 Years Anniversary Gifts for Parents – Pink (Tin) Wedding

The first serious anniversary in the life of a married couple. Some lovers, celebrating this anniversary, already have adult children. Flexible tin symbolizes the ability to find compromises in relationships, and the pink color reminds newlyweds of romance. Gift Ideas:

  • A bottle of good rose wine or champagne.
  • Beautiful picture with the image of roses.
  • A tin bell that will protect parents and protect them from negative emotions.
  • A set of glasses or glasses of tin.
  • A tray or coffee pot made of this metal.

15  Years Anniversary Gifts for Parents – a Crystal (Glass) Wedding

The fifteen-year wedding anniversary is called crystal because it is a crystal that is associated with pure family relationships.

Good Parent Gift Ideas for this Anniversary:

  • Large crystal chandelier.
  • Candlesticks of an unusual form, which are wholly or partially composed of crystal.
  • A candy box on an elegant leg.
  • Figures of pigeons or swans – symbols of love and fidelity.
  • Glass ball with a “snow” inside.

20  Years Anniversary Gifts for Parents – Porcelain Wedding

Porcelain wedding anniversary – the 20th anniversary of family life, a symbol of which is light porcelain material. Ideas that can be presented to parents on the anniversary of this material:

  • A beautiful tea or dining set made of quality porcelain.
  • Porcelain electric kettle.
  • Stylish miniature vase or large flowerpot.
  • Unfading bouquet of cold porcelain.
  • A box for storing documents and photos.

25th Anniversary Gifts for Parents – Silver Wedding

25 years is a serious anniversary of living together, which is usually celebrated in a warm family circle. On the silver wedding anniversary, it is customary to give products from this precious metal. Gift Ideas:

  • A set of silverware or two silver spoons with a name engraving.
  • Two cup holders of an interesting form.
  • Air ionizer that cleans the room with silver ions.
  • Tea ladle or tea strainer.
  • Male and female bracelets with silver accents.

30th Anniversary Gifts for Parents Years – Pearl Wedding

Graceful pearls, which are named after 30 years of life together – a symbol of chastity, purity, love, and fertility. Ideas to give parents on a pearl anniversary:

  • Jewelry with pearl inlays – earrings for mom, cufflinks or tie clip for dad.
  • Jewelry for the bathroom with pearl shade.
  • Pearl shaped lamp.
  • Mirror in a mother-of-pearl frame.
  • Shell pearl cake.

33rd Anniversary Gifts for Parents – Stone (Strawberry) Wedding

The anniversary of 33 years is called stone because the union of parents has long been established and is strong and unbreakable. Another name for the wedding is strawberry, and this berry represents the sweet and passionate feelings of the spouses.

  • Stone frame for family photos.
  • Granite chess pieces or backgammon.
  • Stone gnomes to decorate the garden.
  • A basket of fresh strawberries or a strawberry bouquet.
  • Strawberry jam, a box of cheesecakes with berry jam, chocolate covered strawberries.

35th Anniversary Gifts for Parents – Coral (Linen) Wedding

The anniversary of 35 years has several names. Coral symbolizes well-being, and the canvas – the strength and seriousness of the relationship between two loving hearts. Ideas for good presents for parents on this anniversary:

  • Wall painting with sea landscape.
  • Composition of coral twigs and shells.
  • The ship is red in the bottle.
  • Luxurious bedspread or plaid coral color.
  • A set consisting of a tablecloth and light linen napkins.

40th Anniversary Gifts for Parents- Ruby ​​wedding

Ruby is a beautiful gem, as well as a symbol of fidelity and sincerity. That is why the wedding of 40 years is named so. Things parents can give to their ruby ​​wedding anniversary:

  • Decorative topiary or flower arrangement in ruby ​​color.
  • A beautiful ring for mom, a ring with an insert for dad.
  • Stylish elite pen of dark red color.
  • Natural sheepskin slippers in a suitable shade.
  • Beautiful night curtains in light ruby ​​colors.

45th Anniversary Gifts for Parents Years – Sapphire Wedding

The sapphire gemstone is believed to help preserve the marriage, and good relationships strengthen family ties and protect against betrayal. On the 45th wedding anniversary, it is customary to give things related to water.

  • Nano aquarium with fish.
  • A bracelet, earrings, a pendant for a mother, a watch with sapphires to her father are an expensive gift for a celebration.
  • Miniature home fountain.
  • Set of medical cosmetics with sea salts and minerals.
  • A delicate blue patchwork quilt.

50th Anniversary Gifts for Parents Years – Golden Wedding

The Golden Wedding is a grandiose and significant event for the newlyweds and for the whole family. Usually, this serious anniversary is celebrated by inviting the family and close friends of the couple. By tradition, it is customary to give gold, and you can also make the following gifts:

  • Handkerchiefs embroidered with gold thread or lurex.
  • Carved icon with gold paint.
  • Gilded figurine of a pair of swans – a symbol of eternal love and fidelity.
  • A small bar of real gold.
  • Commemorative medal with engraving.

Diy Anniversary Gifts for Parents on Their Own

An expensive, status thing for a wedding anniversary is good, but it will be nice for your beloved parents to receive a handmade gift. The list of gifts that you can do yourself:

You can decorate it with pictures of parents in youth, as well as new photos. On a gift, write congratulations from all family members. You can arrange such a wall newspaper as an additional gift.

Video Presentation With Congratulations

Record and mount a congratulatory message from all children, grandchildren, and other close relatives of the parents. Add music and special effects – such a gift will surely appeal to parents and touches them.

Basket With Surprises

The idea of ​​giving parents anniversary is inexpensive. Take the basket, fill it with fruits, various sweets, put the collection tea in the package.

Wedding Themed Figurines

You can make a figure from polymer clay or other similar material. To make such a surprise to parents can not only an adult but also a child.

Paired T-shirts

Buy your parents two identical white t-shirts or anniversary colors. With the help of special acrylic paints on the fabric, make cute inscriptions, or draw any funny image.


Another good gift idea for parents with their own hands is a beautiful topiary in color, symbolizing the date of life together. Make it simple enough. For this you will need:

  • base in the form of a ball (diameter 10-12 cm);
  • corrugated paper;
  • flakes of floristic foam or fixing mixture;
  • flowerpot or flower pot;
  • trunk (20-30 cm long);
  • dry moss or other filler;
  • glue gun.

DIY Topiary Production Instructions

  1. Cut the paper into strips (length – about 60 cm, width – 5 cm).
  2. Fold the ribbons into rosebuds. To do this, take one tape, tuck it one-third, bend diagonally and roll it into a roll. Make three turns, and you will have a core. Wrap the free end to the outside, fold the core until a petal forms.
  3. Continue twisting the bud until the ribbon runs out. Fasten the flower at the base with a stapler or glue. Take the ball, gently glue it with flowers.
  4. Use glue to attach the barrel to the base of the ball. You can make it from a branch, a thick pencil, or any stick.
  5. Fill a pot, flowerpot, or planter with floral foam, fix the trunk in the base.
  6. Top decorate an almost finished craft with dry moss, if desired, fix it with glue.
  7. Tie a bow to the trunk. Done – you have a beautiful topiary for decorating the interior, which you can present to your parents on their wedding anniversary.

How to Understand What is Best for Parents to Give for Their Anniversary

Choosing a gift for parents on their wedding anniversary is a serious and responsible matter. The holiday must be made memorable and enjoyable for mom and dad. In order not to make a mistake in choosing, use the following tips and tricks:

  • Think about what parents really need. It’s easier and more profitable to give a thing that will be regularly used by mom and dad. If you cannot decide what to give, try to ask the heroes of the occasion directly.
  • It is customary for anniversary gifts to be made of a material that matches the name. But this is not necessary at all – you can give your parents things that are in no way connected with the name of the wedding. As an option, pick up a package of themed color for the celebration.
  • Another useful tip is to give a thing that parents themselves can’t afford. At the same time, the gift does not have to be expensive, and the main thing is its practicality, originality, and originality.
  • If you have a brother or sister, you can cooperate and make a joint presentation – together, and you will manage to choose something more expensive and solid.
  • If the son or daughter is still small, they can make a birthday present for their parents with their own hands – a photo collage, a colorful postcard, as well as cute decorations.

Examples of Unsuccessful Gifts That Are Better Not to Give Parents on Their Anniversary

No one is safe from mistakes – sometimes, when people want to make the best anniversary gifts for parents, they buy unnecessary things. To protect yourself from this and choose a perfect present, pay attention to the unsuccessful ideas of the anniversary gift for parents:

A Gift for One Parent

Choosing what to give parents on their wedding anniversary from children should take into account the desires and interests of both heroes of the occasion. It is not necessary to give a thing that parents will use together. You can provide, for example, several beautiful pieces of jewelry – a dad’s ring and a beautiful pendant for mom.

Poor Quality Stuff

Sometimes it is better to give a simple but beautiful bouquet of flowers than to buy cheap and low-quality items that will become worthless a few weeks after the celebration.

Health Products

Even if the parents are already old, on such a wonderful holiday as the wedding anniversary, it is better not to remind them of health problems. Refuse to buy medicines, pressure gauges, and other similar products.


Before you make an anniversary gift, make sure that it does not upset mom and dad. Some aged people are very superstitious – if your parents treat them, it is better to refuse gifts such as knives, watches, or mirrors. It is believed that these things lead to quarrels and separation.

Extreme Impressions

Not all parents will be happy if you give them a balloon ride or a parachute jump for their anniversary. Such impressions should be given only if the heroes of the occasion are completely healthy and are not averse to trying something like that.


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