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Anniversary Cake With Name – Best Anniversary Card Maker of 2022

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Anniversary Cake With Name: romantic happy anniversary cake with photo and name edit. design your own cake with this wedding cake maker online for an anniversary. Anniversary cakes or cakes for marriage, depending on how they are called in your country, are one of the great symbols of marriage by tradition. As if this were not enough, one of the obligatory photos of an anniversary is the cake accompanied by the bride and groom. For this reason, it is not only for eating but also a very important scenographic element.

Anniversary Cake With Name

Anniversary Cake With Name – Anniversary cake maker online

Traditionally white, with some Rococo decorations and two little grooms on top, the cakes have been changing, and currently, the proposals are very varied, which allows originality when choosing. We show you some current trends that can help you in your anniversary planning.

Free Anniversary Card Maker

Bridal confectionery has gradually become one of the finest artistic forms. Today, anniversary cakes are true gems that motivate more to be admired than to cut them and steal the charm of their appearance. The fondant helps to make very elegant and sophisticated decorations. It can be decorated with lace, pearl, and jewelry shapes.

Brides have to choose from a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors, and trends. It is not easy, but it is a wonderful task.

Design Your Own Cake for Anniversary

There are very modern with surprising details, there are fun, formal, colorful, but there will also continue to be traditional anniversary cakes. Those in total white and in a succession of levels remind us of the usual anniversary cakes. Without this meaning that they are less attractive, on the contrary, they are beautiful cakes for a large anniversary like the ones we show you in these images.

Romantic Anniversary Cake With Name Edit

With total white sometimes or others slightly more beige, these are some selected pastels from Martha Stewart. Stewart is one of the best-known American daytime television hosts in the world. Thanks to its program with tips for the home and its segment for brides, a magazine, and an online page, it is a tool highly sought after by brides due to its beautiful anniversary cake design.

Many flowers ideal for spring-summer anniversary or cakes with elaborate designs for an anniversary of total elegance. They are delightful suggestions that every bride will find fascinating for her anniversary reception.

Bows are also widely used in decoration.

Metalized Anniversary Cake

Also, the patinas in metallic tones are very fashionable.

Buttercream Anniversary Cake 

Buttercream is also becoming very popular.

Charlotte Anniversary Cake

The typical charlotte is wrapped in a “corralito” of champagne biscuits, covered with red berries, and tied with a bow. Inside, the original recipe consists of strawberry mousse and more cookies. Besides being very showy, it is delicious.

Nake cake, naked or rustic cake for Anniversary

Different names know this cake, it has no topping, so the filling can be seen sticking out of the sides. It’s acceptable for guests because they already know what the cake is filled with.

They can also be given a very fine coverage, which reveals the layers.

Frills Cake

It is a style that is increasingly fashionable today. It is associated with haute couture since it is based on embroidery, lace, and the movement of fabrics in such a way that they seem an extension of the bride’s dress in all its pomp and volume, especially of the skirt. The style comes in various, more or less voluminous forms. The ornaments can be vertical or horizontal.

Marble Cake

The decoration of the surface of the cake simulating marble is also in fashion.

Happy Anniversary Cake With Photo Frame

This type of cake, in which the decoration is free and the imagination is allowed to fly, never goes out of style. The anniversary cakes come full of fantasy, and you no longer have to settle for a white and too everyday one if what you want is color and more originality.

If the two of you are decidedly romantic, a pair of birds that always symbolizes the sweet feeling of love with a floral touch. If what you want is a very stylish cake, join the trend of the most colorful and original cakes.

Or the most beautiful silhouettes of two lovers, who can also reproduce your love and that of your partner on cakes.


All anniversary cakes are wonderful expressions of artistic pastry. But it must be recognized that it has become a delicious and beautiful succession of original and colorful designs in recent years. For example, if your anniversary is vintage, how about a cake that goes with this style.

They can be cakes inspired by the season, in the anniversary class, the profession of the contracting parties can inspire them, what they like the most, they can be fun, and they can be elegant, or even gothic. All cakes are today a beautiful work of art.

Bridal pastries shine with more beautiful proposals every day. And if you thought of a funny postcard from your courtship, why not a cake like the one in the image above? It reveals the hobbies and tastes of the contracting couple. If you like going on a trip, maybe riding a motorcycle, they are a couple of art lovers, they will surely find a cake that represents them faithfully.

Perhaps a precious evocation of the anniversary romance, a postcard in a landscape of memories for both of you, or the promise of an unforgettable honeymoon. Paris turned into an anniversary cake maker.

Marriage Anniversary Card With Name Editor

Bridal confectionery diversifies every day to create the most original and beautiful cakes. Whether you want a huge cake like the classics and in white or a colorful cake, or why not a cute cupcake service. We give you some great ideas.

The buttercream ones are one of the most popular this season, and certainly, no one will be able to refuse the taste of a super sweet glazed buttercream.

You can give it a special flavor by adding chocolate with hazelnuts, chocolate with orange, vanilla, almonds, lemon, dark or white chocolate. Flavors are quite popular, so guests are sure to appreciate them.

Regarding the aesthetics of the cakes, these are taken higher and higher, either by means of three or four levels of great height, while in the decoration, very smooth cake baths gain popularity, which is then preferably decorated by means of ribbons, bows, and flowers.

Cake figures

In recent years, cakes have evolved in a dizzying way, and by dizzying, I mean that they really are very large, with many layers, colors, flowers, round, square, polka dots, with pearls, strange or very simple and elegant. And what about the famous figurines?

Well, they are not far behind. It is easier to find catalogs with many figures every day, and you can even design yours to order and buy a unique and original design like the ones shown below.

Who does not like to have the figures of the bride and groom represented on their shelf and remember the first sweet moment as husband and wife. Here are some classic but different figures, like figures with animals. Or letter decoration.

Or curious or strange. As you can see, there are tastes for all colors, and you can always resort to a unique and personalized figure for one of the best days.

Anniversary cake colors

In addition to being surrounded by endless traditions that make it inevitable, the anniversary cake is one of the most important decorative elements of the anniversary, since it usually occupies the main table of the party. Together with him, it is tradition to take several photos of the bride and groom, the toast, and the new couple with their most loved ones. That is why it is vitally important to take care of every detail to look beautiful.

Although it is true that white cakes are the most traditional for an anniversary, it is still perfectly possible to go for a colored cake, since fashion has broken with all classic schemes, and today the more innovative, the more successful it will be. Let’s see


When entering the room, the first thing guests see is the cake, always on a central table and in full view of everyone, being one of the most decorative elements. It is used to accompany the rest of the decoration. It is an element that is responsible for decorating the anniversary, and therefore, the design we choose is important. The traditional thing is white cakes. A color responsible for adding elegance and sophistication to the celebration is also very good when it comes to decorating and combining with other colors.

It doesn’t have to be totally white. You can add decorative elements in other colors. To inspire you and give you ideas, here are some designs.


We are used to anniversary cakes being white and with just a few color details. Although white is the traditional color at the anniversary, nowadays, you can choose the colors that you like the most to decorate your anniversary and play with different combinations.

You can choose the same color for your cake as for the bridesmaids’ dress and invitations, etc. The design of the anniversary decoration, in general, can be very original and special, there are no rules for it. The important thing is that the decoration maintains harmony with each other.

Pink is a perfect color for the occasion as it is romantic and delicate. In addition, there are different shades to choose from, although the shades of hot pink are perfect for anniversaries in spring or summer, while pale pink is very elegant in winter anniversaries.


The color red is very passionate, romantic, and elegant, perfect for anniversaries. In addition, it can be perfectly combined with white or with other colors such as gold. To give you ideas, here are some images.


Here we show you ideas of brown cakes, one of the colors that is increasingly chosen to decorate an anniversary since it is a very elegant color and easy to combine with other colors.


Green is perfect for a spring or summer anniversary, as it is a color that celebrates nature and warm days. On the other hand, if your anniversary is in fall or winter and you are thinking of a green cake, you can choose a shade of pale green that is perfect for the fall anniversary.


Blue is a color that conveys hope, commitment, and relaxation. A perfect color for anniversaries.


It is a cake with layers of colored dough. It can be done with the colors of the original rainbow or with the same color but in a gradient effect.

Brides can choose between being very traditional, and opt for the classic white anniversary cake and just a few details, or choose a wonderful anniversary cake in the color that you enjoy the most, it does not matter if you want to mix one or two shades of color, yes you want a vibrant color or multiple colors that blend into a rainbow of colors.

Colored granules or confetti

It is retro-style, no doubt, but these days it is very fashionable. It is perfect for an anniversary whose decoration is very colorful and youthful. A slightly more informal anniversary than a classic one.

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