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7 Signs He Is Cheating on You

Signs He Is Cheating on You: Is your partner unfaithful to you? There are signs that indicate that he is cheating on you.

Many times, the deceived person is the last one to know about disloyalty. We give you some keys to know if your partner is being unfaithful.

7 Signs He Is Cheating on You

Knowing if he is unfaithful to you is not easy. It is common for the injured person to be the last person to find out that his partner is cheating on him and the other person is not always clear when talking about his feelings for her. Although it is not easy to discover infidelity, there are some attitudes that can serve as signs to realize that something is happening.

The first thing we should know is that there are no magic formulas in love, much less to discover infidelity, and we don’t have to become private investigators to do it. This is real life and not a movie in which the unfaithful person appears with a lipstick stain on his shirt or someone else’s scent on his clothes. The infidels are usually more ‘clever’ than all that.

Communication is key again when we sense that something is not going well in our relationship and we must be honest and ask the other member when we think there is something to solve or that the story is not as it was a while ago.

According to a study from The Journal of Sex Research published in 2020, women are more likely to commit infidelity than men and 28.9 percent of those surveyed indicated that the relationship with their partner as a result of the infidelities “improved somewhat” or “greatly improved” compared to 14.1 percent of those who said their relationship got worse. Whatever the consequences of disloyalty, if what you want is to discover if you are being deceived, pay all your attention to these signs.

1. Changing habits

If you have been in a relationship for a while, surely you know what he likes to do, how he behaves when he goes out with his friends, and his work and leisure schedules.

Many unfaithful people use work as an excuse to cover possible absences or sudden delays in their usual schedules. When he begins to change those routines, to leave work later than usual without giving explanations, or to try not to let you participate in his day-to-day life, his worries, or his joys, he begins to suspect.

2. Don’t let go of the phone

We know that in recent years, it is difficult to disconnect from the mobile. There we have the work email, the social networks… But if you notice that their ‘relationship’ with the mobile has changed, it may also have changed their relationship with you.

If you take it with you everywhere, if you unnecessarily check your messages before going to sleep, hide to answer a call or receive messages at odd hours, or if you use it in situations where you didn’t use it before, you begin to suspect that something is happening.

3. Gets defensive

When one partner begins to suspect that the other is having an affair, communication is essential. But if you ask him where he’s been up late, why he travels often now when he didn’t before, or why he takes his phone everywhere when he didn’t before and avoids answering or is nervous or tense, maybe it’s just that He has something to tell you but he doesn’t know how to do it.

Not remembering where you have been when leaving work or becoming defensive is the most common in these cases. Lies are often another sign to watch out for, as well as unexpected purchases or surprise trips that have nothing to do with your job.

When you ask him, he will try to make you see that you are attacking him for no reason, that everything is part of your imagination. But if he has nothing to hide, he will respond without problem to everything that may worry you.

4. He cares more about his physique

If until recently your partner had never worried about being more groomed or groomed if he has bought new clothes when before he did not give importance to fashion if he suddenly begins to take care of his image… everything could be a sign that: either he wants to seduce you again or in his head, he is seducing someone other than you.

5. He excludes you from his plans

Each couple is different and the healthiest thing is for both members to make plans together but also separately. Of course, if before he counted on you to go out to dinner with friends or to have a drink after work with colleagues from the office, and now he does not ask him why.

Maybe he just needs a little space and if so, he will have no problem explaining it to you. If he’s looking for some lame excuse, he may have been having an affair for a long time and you haven’t noticed.

6. Unfaithful and jealous?

Yes, this is usually a combination of the most dangerous and toxic. It can be said that the thief believes that everyone is of his condition.

When someone is unfaithful, he can suddenly become jealous because he may think that his partner could be betraying him too. If he starts asking you about someone close to you, about a specific friend and he never did before, set off the alarms because he could be looking for what he is doing himself.

7. Sex is not like before

Many times, stress, a peak in work, or a family problem can be the cause of a drop in sexual desire in the couple. If you know your loved one well, you will know that he is going through a moment like this, that he needs his time, or that perhaps he has other worries on his mind that make him not want to have sex.

But if everything is as it was before, if there is nothing to keep you awake at night that didn’t exist before, why have sexual relations between you changed?


As always, ask him and worry if something happens to him that you don’t know about. Maybe it’s just a bad streak, but if every day is an excuse… maybe he’s being unfaithful and when he gets home, obviously, he doesn’t want to be with you because he’s already been with someone else.

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