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18 Practical 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas of 2022

Practical 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas: 50 years is a significant date, a kind of equator of the life path. The approach of this holiday is exciting both for the birthday people themselves and for their loved ones because a gift for an anniversary of 50 years should be special, memorable and emphasize respect for a respectable age.

By the age of 50, life is firmly arranged, children often already live separately, many have grandchildren. Consequently, material values ​​​​are gradually relegated to the background, and there is more time than you can devote to your loved one.

Spiritual quests and age-related crises are a thing of the past; the circle of contacts and interests is clearly outlined. So, choosing a gift for the 50th anniversary will not be as difficult as it might seem at first glance.

Practical 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

How to touch and impress the hero of the day also depends on who the donor is; in addition, you need to take into account the gender of the birthday person. Traditionally, gold is considered a symbol of the 50th anniversary, and exquisite jewelry made from this noble metal as a gift is an attributive and welcome present. They can please both men and women.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

A lady can be presented with traditional jewelry, either individually or as a set in a single design. For the stronger sex, and both for a close relative (dad, uncle, brother), and for a family friend or boss, such gold presents are good as:

1. Wristwatch

A gold watch of a famous brand is one of the symbols of prosperity. Fortunately, today there is plenty to choose from: expensive models from renowned Swiss companies (Montblanc, Tissot, etc.) or relatively budget options from legendary domestic watch factories (Chaika, Polet).

2. Tie clips are a stylish and elegant gift

Tie clips with a chain that is put on a button look more effective and richer.

3. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are an accessory with a claim to gallantry. The choice today is great: classic, retro-style, jeweled cufflinks are a decent-worthy gift.

4. Chains

These products made using the Bismarck weaving technique look especially luxurious, and men also like such massive jewelry that emphasizes their status.

5. “Honorary Diploma of the Honored Anniversary for the 50th Anniversary”

Unusual commemorative gift. You can compose the text yourself. In this case, you should take care in advance: the seller will need at least a day to apply the information. It is desirable to place the diploma in a frame in which it will show off on the wall or table of the hero of the day or the hero of the day.

6. Order “For taking the anniversary of 50 years” or  “50 years medal”

Almost like real insignia, exclusive souvenirs are presented in a beautiful gift box. You can add a name to the standard engraving to make the award completely individual.

7. Anniversary newspaper

Well, if the interface of the newspaper is recognizable, the style design of Izvestia or Pravda is suitable for this. The original newspaper is dated by the date of birth; on its front page, there is a photo of the hero of the occasion, but the text contains congratulatory and laudatory notes.

8. Wicker rocking chair or orthopedic chair

Anniversaries of any gender and rank will appreciate it; after all, at the age of 50, thoughts of calmness and comfort visit more often than before.

9. Household appliances

Household appliances (meat grinder, kettle, yogurt maker, multicooker, vacuum cleaner, etc.). For caring children, this is the best way to show grateful attention to a parent-anniversary: ​​what if one of the necessary kitchen and household utensils is out of order? A gift from this category will appeal to practical homemakers.

10. Portable biological fireplace

A portable device that runs on biofuel can be presented to both men and women. Cozy, with a relaxing function, an interior gift.

11. Painting

Whether it’s a French tapestry, a new-fangled leather or light painting, a portrait of the hero of the day/hero of the day on canvas, this is a chic interior gift solution for the anniversary.

12. A set of expensive dishes

It can be silver utensils, sets of crystal glasses, a designer sushi set. Many people over the age of 50 appreciate the sophistication and decoration of a table served with good cutlery.

13. Rare cookbook

A good gift in recent fashion trends: cooking at the peak of popularity. And let’s say “no” to the stereotype that this is given to a woman: it is known for certain that men are virtuoso cooks.

14. Original skewers

Made of stainless steel and bronze, decorated in a specific theme (“Zodiac Signs,” “Family,” etc.), the set will cost a decent amount. But it will make a proper impression on the hero of the day and decorate family and friendly picnics.

15. Tickets for a concert or performance

Indeed, such events are often postponed “for later,” and it is difficult to get out of the everyday routine. Anniversary is an appropriate occasion to give a meeting with an idol. It should be remembered that tours, tickets, certificates for various events as gifts are presented for two persons.

16. A trip to a proven spa resort

It’s time to recuperate and get treated with mud, algae, or even chocolate.

17. A ticket to an exotic country or a high-mountain resort

It all depends on the nature and preferences of the hero of the day/hero of the day. In addition, 50 years is not a reason to sit at home watching TV in anticipation of your old age; on the contrary, it is the beginning of a new life stage that opens up other interesting hobbies, long journeys, exciting adventures.

18. Tour of the Golden Ring

The beauty of native open spaces and domestic temple culture will set you in a positive and life-affirming mood. Therefore, such a gift will be very useful for someone long-awaited.


A 50th-anniversary gift can be inexpensive, but it doesn’t have to be frankly cheap either. Sincere, beautiful words-wishes will add value and significance to him. Better yet, accompany and illustrate your congratulations with a self-prepared video congratulation.

The original presentation of the gift will correspond to this unique occasion; thus, you will leave behind a pleasant impression of the holiday for a long time.

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