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Best 50th Anniversary Party Ideas of 2021

The 50th anniversary party ideas: Golden Jubilee – is the 50th anniversary party idea of the marriage. Half a century together! Not everyone can reach this date, which is why many cultures celebrate it in a big way with all the family and friends.

Best 50th Anniversary Party Ideas

The symbol of this 50th wedding anniversary is one of the most valuable and precious metals – gold. Extracting it from the minerals, working it, and obtaining the final product is very laborious. In the same way, reaching 50 years of marriage is also a process that is not so simple, especially in the time in which we live.

50th Anniversary Party Ideas

People who have lived together for half a century have shown mutual love, respect, trust, and fidelity. Like everyone, they will have overcome difficulties, challenges, and many moments of joy. As a sign of love, on the wedding day, the couple usually exchanges gold jewelry.

In certain cultures, there is a tradition where they exchange new wedding rings at the Golden Jubilee, and the rings from the first wedding are given to grandchildren as a family heirloom.

How Are the Golden Jubilees Celebrated?

Unlike the first wedding, there are no set rules for celebrating the fiftieth wedding anniversary. The only thing that matters is making that day special in some way and remaining in the family’s memory. The following tips and advice can help you plan the best gold wedding for you or your parents. 

1. The Place

The first thing to decide is where the golden wedding will be held. Normally, couples choose a restaurant where there will be a private space so that guests can share joy in an intimate and family atmosphere.

50th Anniversary Party Ideas

However, celebrating the 50th anniversary at home is a good option, as the party’s character should be familiar anyway. If the event is a dinner, the family can go to a nice place to take photos in the afternoon.

Finally, the family can choose a special place, for example, where the protagonists met for the first time. The golden wedding protocol is not very common, and the celebration is much more flexible than other events.

2. The Guests

50th Anniversary Party Ideas

The next planning step should be guests. The golden wedding is usually a very intimate celebration, so only family and some close friends are invited. You can make personalized invitations for the anniversary.

3. Event Details

When we have our place and our list of guests made, we can move on to the details of the celebration. Music is very important to

create a festive atmosphere. Nowadays, it is not necessary to hire an orchestra, because we have applications like Spotify or iTunes. Thanks to technology, we can customize the list of music to our liking, including songs from the youth of the newlyweds.

In addition, a small ceremony can be arranged in which married couples renew their vows. For this, each one can prepare a small speech of thanks to his partner.

Do not forget to hire a photographer to take photos or record a video of the ceremony to have a memory with the family and opt for a perfect 50th anniversary decoration.

4. Ideas for Golden Weddings

You can create a video montage compiling the best moments of marriage, such as your wedding, the birth of your children, etc.

The video can be prepared as a surprise by the children or grandchildren that will surely be very exciting for the couple, and it will be the most emotional moment of the event. You can add songs for a classic wedding or music of its time that will surely bring you many memories.

5.Gifts for Married Gold Weddings

50th Anniversary Party Ideas

  • Renewal of vows and rings
  • Relatives usually give away gold things, although this is not a fixed thing.
  • Another more practical but no less attractive option is, instead of making separate gifts, contributing to the common budget, and organizing a trip for the couple. It is as easy as going to an agency and asking about golden wedding trips.
  • It may be a good 50th anniversary party ideas for them to go to the place where they spent their honeymoon to return to the most romantic period of their relationship.
  • Custom gold roses
  • Genealogical tree of the whole family, without a doubt, an original 50th anniversary party ideas.
  • A cushion decorated with the family inscriptions
  • Wine glasses with the names and the date of the event engraved
  • Family crest carved in a box shape
  • A nice memory of methacrylate
  • Reserve bottle of wine with inscriptions

More Ideas on How to Celebrate a Golden Wedding

You can take a 50th anniversary party ideas that appear in these images:

  • The cake with figures for older people.
  • If it is celebrated outdoors, you can hang black and white pictures of different moments of your time as a married couple.
  • The newspaper of your day: this 50th anniversary party ideas for ​​the wedding anniversary is great. It is about making a photo montage of some old newspaper where the photo of the protagonists appears.
  • Golden colored balloons in a dance area, it is also a very nice effect that will surely delight the hosts.
  • Chocolates with short speeches to attract the attention of guests outside the family.
  • You can make a poster with some nice phrases explaining, for example, the total number of the family.
  • Who said that you can’t do a 50th-anniversary photocall for 50-year-old weddings? If the married couple is in a normal and valid physical form, you can take the opportunity to create a frame and start taking photos, in addition to the accessories related to the event.

Do you have any more original gold 50th anniversary party ideas? Have you ever prepared your parents’ golden anniversary?


Anniversaries such as silver, diamond, sapphire, paper, wood, coral, ruby, crystal, pearl, and bronze weddings have many possibilities and themes to prepare every year.

As the years go by until they become grandparents, the story to see changes. Life evolves and the gift to look for too.

In the following modern years, technology will be in the lead, and the common gift will be different each year. Thus, on any page, these tips that have been mentioned will be obsolete, although these are my thoughts. This is what happens with Korean dresses; one day, they will lose that traditional part and become more modern collections.

If you can think of any tips to improve this information on the 50th wedding anniversary (or for silver weddings) this year, I will appreciate it if you tell me without obligation, thank you!

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