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23 Impressive 1st Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas of 2020

The 1st wedding anniversary celebration ideas: The first year of marriage is flying by, even though it seemed like yesterday when you said: “yes, I want to.” Take advantage of the occasion and take good note of these ideas to celebrate that you have been husband and wife for 365 days.

Best 1st Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

How unforgettable was your wedding! He still has not been able to forget the sensation he felt when he saw you enter the ceremony venue with your wedding dress, and you still get excited when you remember your first kiss from married couples. The bridal bouquet is kept in a showcase reminding you of the best moments of your wedding, and you still keep some copies of your wedding invitations in the dresser drawer. It’s been one year!

1st Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Each wedding anniversary is named after material, and the first year, being more fragile is paper. The most durable material is bone, which is the name by which the 100th anniversary is known. At the age of 15, the crystal wedding is celebrated, at 25 the silver anniversary, at 50 the gold anniversary, and at 65 the platinum.

Things to Do for First Wedding Anniversary

The day you celebrate a year of marriage, you must celebrate it in a special way. You know each other well, you have been through intense moments together and the time has come to reward yourself for it. Here are some 1st anniversary celebration ideas to make the anniversary truly magical. Did we discover them?

1. Videos and photos

Paper weddings are the perfect occasion to look back and remember all the little details that made your link a special date. Ask for a party at work.

1st wedding anniversary celebration ideas

Forget about the rest of the world and look again at all the videos and photos of your great day next to a few glasses of champagne what a delight to contemplate those precious 1st anniversary  decorations ideas for the wedding that cost you so much work prepare. Maybe you haven’t had time to edit the images yet, and you can search together with the songs for the wedding video.

2. Breakfast in bed

There is nothing more romantic than giving your partner lunch in bed. Get up early and make breakfast for both of you: toast with butter, jams, yogurt with fruit, cereals, juices.

1st wedding anniversary celebration ideas

Take it to bed along with a fresh flower and an anniversary card. You will love it!

3. Paper gift

Tradition says that the 1st wedding anniversary celebration ideas are to give the couple some paper. Buy some decorated sheets of paper and write a few words from the heart, thinking about the year you have spent together and declared your love again.

1st wedding anniversary party ideas

They will like them as much as watching you walk towards the altar clad in a beautiful mermaid wedding dress!

4. Second honeymoon

Celebrating a second honeymoon is another good 1st wedding anniversary celebration ideas. Escape to a place you don’t know and explore it together, or revisit your favorite place.

1st wedding anniversary ideas

Many couples return to the same place where they celebrated their wedding trip to relive the magic of those days.

5. Romantic dinner

1st wedding anniversary ideas

If you’ve been thinking about going to that new restaurant you’ve been told about for a while, this is the perfect occasion! Reserve a table for a romantic dinner with your partner, order a good wine, and remember your first year together.

6. A New Ring

1st anniversary ideas

Another 1st wedding anniversary celebration ideas of the link are with a new ring, something different and original that ratifies your union. You are only going to celebrate your first year of marriage once, so it is worth having a reminder of this special moment.

7. Surprise!

Do something unexpected. Try to surprise your partner with something really fun that you can remember for a lifetime: a balloon trip, try a luxury car, a helicopter ride, a parachute jump. And don’t forget to take photos! Will they be as fun as the ones you got with the photocall ideas?

8. Renew the vows

Renew your vows intimately. It doesn’t take a big celebration. A ceremony with your closest friends and family will be a nice way to reaffirm your commitment.

9. Repeat your first date

Go to the place where you met or where you had your first date. Kiss you where you kissed for the first time. It will help you realize everything you have been through together during this time.

1st anniversary ideas

If you make it a habit to celebrate each wedding anniversary in a special way, your relationship will be strengthened, and you will turn every year that passes into a very special occasion. 

10. Dedicate a song 

Although they may not have the most toned voice to sing, your partner will value detail and surprise. So, from now on, it is better that you choose the song that you like the most: maybe one from when you were in love when he put the gold engagement ring on your finger or the one that was heard in their first dance as husbands.

wedding anniversary ideas on a budget

And if the creative talent accompanies you, a song composed by you will be unforgettable. Set yourself a schedule to practice without your partner noticing and decide when the most appropriate moment for surprise will be: when you wake up, when you get out of the shower, during breakfast, in front of the sea. Anyway, there is a world of possibilities, and only You will know how to give that romantic touch that will make that special person happy.

11. A day full of energy

Breakfast is the main food to pay throughout the day, and if we add to this that it is not about any day, but the first year together as husband and wife. Then it was time to think about how to present a very special breakfast in bed, at a table decorated for the occasion, a surprise at work or a getaway to your favorite café. With gift flowers similar to your bouquet of natural flowers or some other detail that makes the difference.

12. Path to happiness

To achieve this, they will need to put together a route for their plan and choose the points that their partner might like the most before reaching the end of the road. It will be up to you how the clues will be presented and whether you will need any accomplices.

1st wedding anniversary celebration ideas

For example, a hidden treasure or a more varied tour: a stop to eat delicious homemade ice cream, an exhibition, and at the end of the road you. With a big smile, with all your love as the last detail of the night.

12. In the light of the stars

Do not worry if the stars decided not to appear that night because although they are not seen, they are always present in the universe. And its brilliance will accompany you on an intimate dinner with rose petals on the table and dim candle lights, or on a dinner under the sky with the romantic sound of violins. And as a perfect closing, they could meet again at the hotel that served to profess their love during their honeymoon.

13. Walk in the sea

1st wedding anniversary celebration ideas

A whole day close to the sea will serve them to relax and celebrate the first year of marriage: be it walking hand in hand. Running and playing on the shore, galloping on two magnificent horses, riding in ATVs, feeling the sea breeze in a boat or yacht trip, or admire a spectacular sunset lying on the sand.

14. Ready the luggage

No one said that a second honeymoon could not outperform the first or that one year after you kept your simple wedding dress in the closet, they would not put together their luggage to make the pending honeymoon trip a reality. Now is when they deserve it after so much effort, work, and savings. Choose the place, find out about the procedures, compare costs in travel agencies, and get your luggage ready. There is nothing like disconnecting from everything to live your love story more intensely!

15. Romantic follies

Rose petals surprisingly fall on your semi-collected hairstyle when leaving home. A character dressed as a heart giving you a love letter and a bouquet of tulips the same color as your lime bridal bouquet, a message of love in the air with help from a helicopter.

1st anniversary celebration ideas

A flashmob in a food court or a parachute jump together, are just some ways to celebrate the first year of marriage, what other crazy things do you think your partner might like?

16. Time to play!

If you have a game or sport that you are passionate about, such as billiards, skating, cycling, boating, tennis, or a game from childhood, why not invite your partner to be part of it? This way, the two of you will enjoy the same activities more and spend more time together. Or how about staying for an hour in a rescue room solving the puzzles to get out?

17. Love outdoors

Even if it is in the garden of your house, you will surprise your partner with an incomparable day. When they discover that on a beautiful tablecloth on the floor, you have placed tasty foods, drinks, and flowers that you have lovingly arranged to spend a relaxing time together.

1st anniversary celebration ideas

During the meal, they will talk about their experiences during the day, laugh, and dance to the rhythm of the songs that will accompany this homemade picnic. If you plan to do it away from home, how would you like to make the trip to the beach, the park or the countryside by bicycle? It will be a really romantic moment

18. Portraits for two

The celebration of his “paper anniversary” deserves not only to be impregnated in his memories but also in his photo album. If they are a couple of boyfriends who want to live a totally different experience, in which besides having fun they do not mind playing and getting dirty, why not go for a trash the dress?

On the other hand, if what you want is for your wedding dress model to remain intact forever, then a post-wedding session in a magical place could be an excellent alternative. Don’t forget that your pet may be included!

19. Do something yourselves

1st anniversary celebration ideas

Details should always be present in all relationships, especially when it comes to the couple. How would you like to give him something elaborated by you: notebook, cake, chocolates, portrait, song, poem, or a newly planted tree named after him?

20. Lamp of wishes

The magic is in fervently believing that our wishes will come true and that our actions will contribute to that goal. A lamp like Aladdin’s, a box, or a decorated container will serve as a container for your partner to take out one or three pieces of paper with wishes to be granted by the genie of the lamp: you. Include among the alternative gifts that your partner likes and that you can fulfill. Good luck!

21. The magic of colors

1st anniversary celebration ideas

A room full of balloons, like in the movie Patch Adams, and you, alone or with a group of friends waiting for your partner to come to the center to surprise her / or with a bouquet of flowers and a rich cake. Would they be encouraged?

22. Gifts with personality

It is not necessary to wait for this date to give something very special to your partner, but of course, it can be done! First, look at it and make a list of possible gifts that would drive this special person crazy; second, choose the closest alternative to your possibilities and start the search.

And finally, select the right moment to deliver it to them. Here are some suggestions to help you: an autographed t-shirt, a collectible album, the concert of your favorite artist, a portfolio, the practice of an adventure sport, a bottle of your favorite drink, etc. May luck be with you!

23. Vows that last

An intimate reunion with the closest relatives or a moment or two amid nature could be the perfect setting to renew their vows and celebrate the first year of marriage. Never forget that this 1st wedding anniversary celebration ideas will help you realize all that you have accomplished together and what you will need to keep moving forward on this path.

1st anniversary celebration ideas

As you have read, it is not about making great gifts to celebrate the first year of marriage, but about preparing something with all your love and creativity, always thinking of the happiness of both. Like when they selected their best photos to complement the decoration for marriage or when you distributed your wedding bouquet among the women you always have in your heart.

Have your photos of the big day handy to remember each moment of the ceremony and the banquet, how handsome he was in his wedding suit, and how beautiful you were with your wedding hairstyle. May the flame of love not be extinguished in your hearts!


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